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Leadership and Service Center

  • Students engaged in a leadership training in the Leadership and Service Center.

Leadership Development

People who continually develop their leadership and diversify their experiences can be tremendous assets to organizations, businesses, and their communities. We'll help you find opportunities to build and enhance your leadership skills so they have lasting value in all that you do.

Leadership isn't given; it's learned.

Some people may be given a leadership position, but truly effective and inspiring leaders are much harder to come by. Your personal characteristics, strengths, and experiences, in combination with your training and education, shape you into a great and authentic leader.

Ready to continuing building and exploring all that leadership can provide? Join us for some amazing programs and initiatives that are customized for each level of experience.  


I'm looking for...

Close Family Emerging Leaders Program

New to leadership or looking to further expand your understanding of your personal strengths and skills? CFELP is a great program for emerging leaders looking to grow and learn alongside a cohort of similar leaders.

Camp Cocky Leadership Retreat

Ready to lead a team but haven't gained experience in working and leading with others? Camp Cocky is great for those who are looking to work on a highly-effective team in an exciting over-night camp environment.

Student Leadership and Diversity Conference

Join the campus community, alongside institutions from across the southeast, to learn and discover more ways of being an inclusive leader within your communities. Each year is a different topic, so make sure you attend every year!

Walt Disney World Leadership Experience

Looking to learn how a global corporation views and promotes leadership? Join us in Walt Disney World as Disney Cast Members share with us on how Disney does leadership, and learn new skills and ideas to bring back to USC.

Leadership in Action Series

Wondering how your experiences and skills learned now will benefit you in the future? Join us for a semesterly opportunity to learn directly from influential leaders within the community on how their leadership opportunities during college prepared them for their current careers.

Student Org Leadership Retreat

President of a student organization on campus and looking to build relationships and learn new skills on leading a team with other leaders? Join our student organization leadership retreat where we work with experienced leaders on best practices and how to continue expanding your experiences.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.