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Parking and Transportation Services

Accident Reporting

 Any accident or incident incurred while operating any university State Vehicle or State Fleet Leased Vehicle is required to be reported to Vehicle Management immediately.
Policies relating to accidents (pdf)
Policies relating to leasing/renting (pdf)

Employees’ Responsibility in Accidents in a university vehicle

Each employee is responsible for completing the accident procedures when involved in any accident or incident with a university vehicle. 

Procedures - After Experiencing an Accident

Check all parties to determine if there are any injuries.

Administer any first aid if needed.

Contact Police, SC Hwy Patrol is preferred contact, however either city, state, or USCPD can respond.

Contact ambulance should injuries require.

Take photos of the university vehicle – damaged areas and license plate.

Take photos of other vehicle – damaged areas and license plate.

Obtain a legible copy of the Police Report (Financial Responsibility form FR-10) from the responding officer.

Report to the Vehicle Management Office located at MotorPool to complete a university Vehicle Accident Report.

Provide copy of completed university Accident Report, FR-10, photos of the incident, and any other supplemental materials regarding the accident to Vehicle Management immediately.


Accident Forms

After experiencing an accident, please complete the USC Vehicle Accident Report. You may also complete the report at the MotorPool if you so choose.
USC Vehicle Accident - Driver Statement (pdf)
SFM Vehicle Accident - Driver Statement (pdf)
USC Accident Passenger Statement (pdf)

Accident Review Board

The Accident Review Board convenes up to twice a year depending on amount of accidents per year, to review all accidents involving USC vehicles. South Carolina Code of Law 11-11-141 provides that a state employee operator may be assessed up to $200 if found to be “at fault” during a review of an accident after a review of records is conducted by the Accident Review Board.

Parking and Transportation Services

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