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Our academic support programs are for all undergraduate students, not just those who are struggling academically. Search our supported course list below for courses you're taking this semester. We encourage you to attend our sessions or appointments for your courses that we support! 

Course Code Course Title SI Session Peer Tutoring Appointment Keywords
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ACCT 222 Introduction to Accounting    accounting
ACCT 225 Introduction to Financial Accounting accounting
ACCT 226 Introduction to Managerial Accounting   accounting
ACCT 324 Survey of Commercial Law   accounting
ACCT 401 Financial Accounting I   accounting
ACCT 402 Cost/Managerial Accounting   accounting
ACCT 405 Financial Accounting II   accounting
BIOL 101 Biological Principles I biology
BIOL 102 Biological Principles II    biology
BIOL 110 General Biology   biology
BIOL 243  Human Anatomy and Physiology I   biology
BIOL 244  Human Anatomy and Physiology II   biology
BIOL 250 Microbiology    biology 
BIOL 301   Ecology and Evolution   biology
BIOL 302 Cell and Molecular Biology   biology
BIOL 303 Fundamental Genetics   biology
BIOL 420 Survey of the Plant Kingdom   biology
BIOL 460 General Physiology   biology
BIOL 541 Biochemistry   biology
BMEN 211 Mathematical Modeling in Biomedical Engineering I    biomed
CHEM 102 Fundamental Chemistry II    chemistry
CHEM 111 General Chemistry I   chemistry 
CHEM 112 General Chemistry II  chemistry
CHEM 141 Principles of Chemistry I    honors
CHEM 142 Principles of Chemistry II    honors
CHEM 333 Organic Chemistry I   orgo
CHEM 334 Organic Chemistry II   orgo
CHEM 541 Physical Chemistry    chemistry
CHEM 555 Biochemistry/Molecular Biology I    biochem
CHIN 121 Elementary Chinese Mandarin    Mandarin
CRJU 341 Sociology of Crime   Justice, Criminal
CSCE 101 Introduction to Computer Concepts   computer science, engineering
CSCE 102  General Applications Programming      computer science, engineering
CSCE 145 Algorithmic Design I   computer science, engineering
CSCE 146 Algorithmic Design II      computer science, engineering
CSCE 211 Digital Logic Design     computer science, engineering
CSCE 212 Introduction to Computer Architecture   computer science, engineering
CSCE 240  Introduction to Software Engineering    computer science, engineering
ECIV 111 Introduction to Engineering Graphics and Visualization    Civil Engineering
ECIV 200 Statics    Civil Engineering
ECIV 210 Dynamics     Civil Engineering
ECIV 220 Mechanics of Solids     Civil Engineering
ECIV 360 Fluid Mechanics     Civil Engineering
ECON 221 Principles of Microeconomics     economics
ECON 222  Principles of Macroeconomics     economics
ECON 224  Introduction to Economics     economics
ELCT 101 Electrical and Electronics Engineering      Electrical Engineering
ELCT 102 Electrical Science       Electrical Engineering
ELCT 220 Electrical Engineering for Non-Majors      Electrical Engineering
ELCT 221 Circuits      Electrical Engineering
EMCH 200 Statics    Mechanical Engineering
EMCH 201 Introduction to Applied Numerical Methods   Mechanical Engineering
EMCH 290 Thermodynamics Fundamentals    Mechanical Engineering
EXSC 191 Physical Activity and Health   exercise Science
EXSC 223 Anatomy and Physiology I     exercise science
EXSC 224 Anatomy and Physiology II     exercise science
EXSC 351 Acquisition of Motor Skills    exercise science
EXSC 530 The Physiology of Muscular Activity    exercise science
FINA 333    Finance and Markets      Finance
FINA 363  Introduction to Finance       Finance
FINA 365 Corporate Financial Analysis       Finance
FINA 469 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management   Finance
FINA 470 Financial Statement Analysis    Finance
FREN 109  Beginning French I       French
FREN 110  Beginning French II       French
FREN 121 Elementary French      French
FREN 122 Basic Proficiency in French      French
FREN 209  Reading and Written Expression     French
FREN 210 Oral Communication     French
FREN 309 Reading French Texts   French
FREN 310 Advanced Oral Communication   French
GERM 121 Elementary German       German
GERM 122 Basic Proficiency in German       German
GERM 210 Intermediate German I       German
GERM 211 Intermediate German II       German
GERM 310 German Conversation       German
GERM 311 German Conversation and Composition       German
IBUS 310 Globalization and Business   international
ITAL 121 Elementary Italian      Italian
ITAL 122 Basic Proficiency in Italian      Italian
LATN 121 Elementary Latin    Latin
LATN 122 Basic Proficiency in Latin    Latin
LING 101 Linguistics I: Intro to Language      Linguistics
LING 300 Introduction to Language Sciences    Linguistics
LING 301 The English Language    Linguistics
LING 314 Spanish Phonetics and Pronunciation   Linguistics
LING 440 Language in Society   Linguistics
MART 210 Digital Media Arts Fundamentals    Media Arts
MATH 111 Basic College Mathematics       mathematics
MATH 115  Precalculus Mathematics       mathematics
MATH 122 Calculus for Business Administration and Social Sciences      mathematics
MATH 141 Calculus I     mathematics
MATH 142  Calculus II     mathematics 
MATH 170 Finite Mathematics    mathematics
MATH 241 Vector Calculus      mathematics
MATH 242 Elementary Differential Equations      mathematics
MATH 300 Transition to Advanced Mathematics      mathematics
MATH 544  Linear Algebra      mathematics
MGMT 250 Professional Communication      Management
MGMT 371 Principles of Management      Management
MKTG 350 Principles of Marketing      Marketing
MKTG 351 Consumer Behavior     Marketing 
MKTG 352 Principles of Marketing Research     Marketing 
MKTG 465 Marketing Strategy and Planning    Marketing
MGSC 290   Computer Information Systems in Business      Business
MGSC 291  Statistics for Business and Economics       Business
MGSC 395 Operations Management    Business
MUSC 115 Music Theory I      music
MUSC 116 Music Theory II      music
MUSC 117 Aural Skills I      music 
MUSC 118 Aural Skills II      music 
MUSC 215 Music Theory III    music
MUSC 216 Music Theory IV      music 
MUSC 217 Aural Skills III     music 
MUSC 218 Aural Skills IV      music 
MUSC 353 History of Western Music I      music 
MUSC 354 History of Western Music II   music 
NURS 212 Evolution of Nursing Science    nursing
NURS 216 Biophysical Pathology     nursing 
PHIL 114 Introduction to Formal Logic I philosophy
PHYS 101 The Physics of How Things Work I      physics
PHYS 201 General Physics I      physics
PHYS 202 General Physics II     physics 
PHYS 211 Essentials of Physics I    physics 
PHYS 212 Essentials of Physics II     physics 
PSYC 101 Introduction of Psychology      psychology
PSYC 226 Research Methods in Psychology    psychology
PSYC 227 Psychological Statistics     psychology
PSYC 228 Laboratory in Psychology     psychology 
RETL 261 Functional Accounting I   Retail
RETL 262 Functional Accounting II   Retail
RUSS 121 Elementary Russian    Russian
RUSS 122 Basic Proficiency in Russian    Russian
SOCY 101 Introductory Sociology    Sociology
SPAN 109 Beginning Spanish I      Spanish
SPAN 110 Beginning Spanish II      Spanish
SPAN 121 Elementary Spanish      Spanish
SPAN 122 Basic Proficiency in Spanish        Spanish
SPAN 209 Intermediate Spanish I       Spanish
SPAN 210 Intermediate Spanish II       Spanish
SPAN 302 Advanced Spanish       Spanish
SPAN 303 Cultural Readings & Writing      Spanish
SPAN 317 Spanish Phonetics and Pronunciation   LING 314
SPTE 274 Computer Applications in Sport and Entertainment Management   ITEC 264
STAT 110 Intro to Statistical Reasoning      Statistics
STAT 201 Elementary Statistics       Statistics
STAT 205  Elementary Statistics for Biology and Life Sciences       Statistics
STAT 206  Elementary Statistics for Business    Statistics
STAT 515 Statistical Methods I      Statistics


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