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Undergraduate Research

For Mentors

Mentors inspire, guide and encourage undergraduate researchers to achieve their goals in the lab, in the field and wherever their scholarly journeys lead. Without you, our students would miss out on many learning and enrichment opportunities. 

What Is Expected of You

  • Assist your student in development and articulation of the project idea and plan. (Please note: the student is the primary author of the proposal but should work in collaboration with you through the editing process.)
  • Help your student understand the methods and concepts of research and scholarship within your field.
  • Guide and train your student in the skills and/or techniques needed to complete the project (including compliance with human subjects/IRB and animal care and use).
  • Be available during the project period. You and your student should establish ground rules and expectations during the planning stage. 
  • Oversee and manage account expenditures. Mentors and students are responsible for overages.
  • Ensure your student meets the program requirements, terms and conditions.

Faculty members planning sabbaticals during the Magellan Apprentice project period must identify a secondary mentor during this period or consider alternatives.

Research Contracts
Some mentors have found it helpful to develop a research contract that can assist in establishing duties, expectations, and deadlines. This contract template [doc] may be helpful and can be modified to fit your needs.

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