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Undergraduate Research

TRiO Scholars

Magellan Guarantee Award

  • Must be a full-time degree-seeking USC undergraduate in the TRiO McNair Scholar program
  • For projects in collaboration with a faculty, staff, or community mentor
  • All majors; funds research, scholarly, and creative projects
  • Up to $2,000 per recipient for salary, materials and travel


This award application will open in July for the 2024-25 academic year.


Magellan Guarantee Application Process

Are you interested in this program but do not have a mentor or project? Do you want to try a new project? We can help! Make an appointment with us to discuss your interests and the program.

  1. Complete the Program Application Form [word].  
    Complete this first, working with your mentor. You will need it for the next step.
  2. Submit the online application form
    Select "Magellan Guarantee" from the menu. Under "Magellan Programs Application," upload the Program Application Form that you completed with your mentor under #1 above.
  3. Have your mentor submit the mentor collaboration form [word].
    Your mentor should complete the form and email it to It is due by 5 p.m. on your deadline date. Your application is not complete until we receive this form.

You may not submit an application during the same semester when you are graduating. You must be enrolled for one full semester after the award date of the grant. 

TRiO McNair Scholars Application Deadline: Wednesday, August 28, 2024 by 5 p.m.
TRiO McNair Scholars Announcement: September 2024

The award funds may only be used as follows:

  • Salary: You can get paid! You will submit hours worked through the payroll system and receive a paycheck.
  • Materials and Supplies: You may request funding for items required to conduct the research project. Please note the list of allowable expenses and items not covered by the grant.
  • Travel: Award funds may be used for travel expenses to conduct research (US only) or for conference travel. Up to $1,000 of your budget request may go towards conference travel expenses.

Allowable costs include:

  • software (such as SPSS, InDesign, etc.) not provided by the university
  • plane tickets
  • mileage (for trips more than 20 miles)
  • printing costs
  • hotel room or lodging costs
  • renting a kayak
  • books not found through the USC library
  • conference travel (no more than half your budget)

Items not covered by this grant:

  • computer (includes laptop, desktop, etc.)
  • gift cards or cash (to pay participants)
  • hiring people (such as consultants)
  • phones
  • meals
  • travel under 20 miles
  • books that can be found through the USC library
  • senior thesis printing costs
  • any item that does not have a receipt
  1. Work with your mentor toward completing your research project as outlined in your contract. (Hours per week, pay rate and tasks will be defined by the mentor and student.)

  2. Manage grant requirements through Blackboard, including completing the welcome quiz within one month of your award date.

  3. Register your project at the beginning of the semester that your grant starts, and re-register every semester you work on the project.

  4. Complete the on-line CITI Responsible Conduct of Research training (How to complete CITI training guide here [pdf]).  

  5. Fulfill compliance requirements for projects involving human or animal subjects and/or research abroad.

  6. To get paid: submit your hours every week in a timely manner using USC's Time/Labor Management System. 

  7. Participate in professional development workshops.

  8. Present your research at Discover USC with a poster. Be sure to register by the deadline.

  9. Complete a 1-2 page project report [pdf]


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