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Department of Anthropology

Dr. Sherina Feliciano-Santos named McCausland Faculty Fellow

Dr. Sherina Feliciano-Santos has been awarded the Peter and Bonnie McCausland Faculty Fellowship. According to the fellowship's webpage,  this honor recognizes faculty who are "simultaneously leaders in their academic fields and committed, creative teachers". As noted on her personal webpage, Dr. Feliciano-Santos' research focuses on "linguisitc anthropology, the politics of language use, social activism, legal and court systems, language and race, language and cultural revitalization, racial and ethnic formations, religion, narrative, and face-to-face interaction". Clearly, her foci are broad and, when combined, create unique works such as her recently published book, "A Contested Caribbean Indigeneity: Language, Social Practice, and Identity within Puerto Rican Taíno Activism". Her book explores activism of the Taíno people, who are seeking public recognition that their ethnic group still exists in the present-day. Luckily for readers, the McCausland fellowship will aid in funding more interesting research for Dr. Feliciano-Santos to share in the future.

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