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Savannah Keating granted Magellan Journey Award to study disease in past populations

Savannah Keating has been granted the Magellan Journey Award to discover if there are trends in diseases that affected past populations.

Comics in the classroom: Bringing Native American history and art to life for students

University Libraries interviewed Dr. Courtney Lewis about collaborating with Mr. Michael Weisenburg (curator of the Gary Lee Watson Comic Book Collections) to create a new academic course - American Indians Go Graphic: Indigenous Voices in Comic Books.

Climate change, coastlands and the most vulnerable who live there

UofSC Today interviewed Dr. Monica Barra about her research studying coastal land loss among communities of color. This article also was highlighted as a Research Spotlight article for UofSC Today.

Twin sisters graduate together from UofSC

The College of Arts and Sciences interviewed first-generation twins, Zhané and Zkara Gaillard, who graduated together. Zhané, who double majored in Anthropology and African American Studies, talks about her experience balancing academics, extracurriculars and work.

Dr. Sherina Feliciano-Santos named McCausland Faculty Fellow

Dr. Sherina Feliciano-Santos has been awarded the Peter and Bonnie McCausland Faculty Fellowship.

Dr. Kelly Goldberg awarded grant to create African American exhibit with students

Dr. Kelly Goldberg has been awarded the CIEL Beyond the Classroom grant. Her students will develop an interpretive exhibit focusing on an archaeological artifact collection associated with African American history on James Island, SC.

Madeline Atwell awarded Bilinski Fellowship to study effects of institutionalization

Madeline Atwell has been awarded the Russell J. and Dorothy S. Bilinski Fellowship. She's studying the biological impact of institutionalization on early to mid-20th century women who were patients in state mental hospitals.

Emily Brennan awarded grant to study stress patterns in 13th-18th century Berlin

Emily Brennan has been awarded a Rust Family Foundation grant to research how stress impacted people's health in 13th-18th century Berlin.

Dr. Eric Jones awarded ASPIRE-I grant to research shift in farming

Dr. Eric Jones has been awarded the ASPIRE-I grant to research the shift from subsistence to commercial farming in Fenner, NY during the 19th century and its impact on the rural community.

2021 Undergraduate Award Winners

Rosa Weiss, Catherine Garcia and Andrew Krawczyk were recognized at UofSC's 2021 Awards Day for receiving university and departmental awards.

Alumna Dr. Brianna Farber has antiracism article published in Anthropology News

Dr. Brianna Farber (Class of 2018) wrote an article, published in Anthropology News, about how to dismantle white supremacy through self-reflection and action.

Wyatt Fleming granted Magellan Scholar Award to research shift in farming

Wyatt Fleming has been granted the Magellan Scholar Award to research how and why farmers in Nelson, NY shifted from subsistence to commercial farming in the 19th century.

Special Edition: Transcultural nursing and its relevance at UofSC

The College of Nursing is developing an internship to teach students how to best work with translators in a clinical setting. The focus is on transcultural nursing, which is the intersection between nursing and anthropology.

Dr. Sharon DeWitte co-authors article winning Nick Norgan Award

Dr. Sharon DeWitte has co-authored an article published in the Annals of Human Biology. Her article won the journal's Nick Norgan Award.

Dr. Terrance Weik and Dr. Eric Jones awarded grant to study reparations in Hilton Head

Dr. Terrance Weik and Dr. Eric Jones have been awarded a grant by the Racial Justice and Equity Research Fund at UofSC. Their project examines the history of land dispossession in black communities and of reparation movements in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Dr. Ken Kelly, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, edits published volume

Dr. Ken Kelly, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, has edited a published volume called "Connecting Continents: Rice Cultivation in South Carolina and the Guinea Coast". Among other comparisons, the volume focuses on the link between rice cultivation in the Low Country region of South Carolina and the slave trade along the coast of Guinea.

Dr. Sharon DeWitte featured in "Exhumed" article

Dr. Sharon DeWitte was featured in Oxygen Media's article about "Exhumed", a forensic TV show. Dr. DeWitte's section focused on her research studying the skeletons of Black Death victims.

David Hansen awarded National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

David Hansen has been awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. His research focuses on how the Black Death spread by examining 13-14th century Christian cemeteries in northern Kyrgyzstan.

Dr. Carlina de la Cova co-authored AJPA Editor's Choice Article

Dr. Carlina de la Cova has co-authored an article published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology (AJPA). Her article has been chosen as the Editor's Choice for April 2021.

Dr. Courtney Lewis spotlighted as Anthropology News Star

Dr. Courtney Lewis is spotlighted as a Star in Anthropology News, the American Anthropological Association's magazine, for her research on Native American entrepreneurship.

Madison Blanding, Second UofSC student ever awarded PPIA Fellowship

Madison Blanding is the second UofSC student ever to be awarded the PPIA JSI Fellowship. She's been admitted to the 2021 Public Policy and International Affairs (PPIA) Junior Summer Institute (JSI) Fellowship Program at the University of Minnesota - Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

Special Edition articles focus on topics that relate to the field of anthropology and not necessarily to the Department of Anthropology. They can include opinion pieces, news about other areas of UofSC, etc.

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