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Department of Anthropology

Our People

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Faculty Barker, Drucilla K Professor 803-777-3200 Anthropology
Faculty Barra, Monica Assistant Professor 803 576-8340 School of the Earth, Ocean & Environment and Department of Anthropology
Staff Bird, Barbara Administrative Assistant Business Manager 803-777-9604 / 803-777-0437 Anthropology
Staff Carriere, Claudia F Administrative Assistant Undergraduate and Graduate Coordinator 803-777-0993 Anthropology
Faculty Casey, Joanna L. Associate Professor Graduate Director 803-777-6700 Anthropology
Faculty De La Cova, Carlina Maria Associate Professor Undergraduate Director 803-777-2957 Anthropology Anthropology
Faculty DeWitte, Sharon Associate Professor 803-777-6940 Anthropology Anthropology
Faculty Feliciano-Santos, Sherina Assistant Professor 803-777-5760 Anthropology Anthropology
Faculty Kelly, Kenneth Goodley Professor 803-777-2616 Anthropology Anthropology
Staff Leverette, Elizabeth First -Year Academic Advisor 803-576-7271 Anthropology
Faculty Lewis, Courtney Assistant Professor 803-777-9922 Anthropology, Southern Studies Anthropology
Faculty Moskowitz, Marc Professor 803-777-1536 Anthropology Anthropology
Faculty Reynolds, Jennifer F. Professor Department Chair 803-777-2392 / 803-777-5527 Anthropology Anthropology
Faculty Robinson, Joshua Instructor Anthropology
Faculty Simmons, David Associate Professor Faculty Principal, Galen Health Fellows Living/Learning Community 803-777-2321 Anthropology Anthropology
Faculty Simmons, Kimberly E. Associate Professor 803-777-0822 Anthropology Anthropology
Faculty Stawkowski, Magdalena E. Assistant Professor 803-576-7278 Anthropology
Faculty Wagner, Gail Associate Professor 803-777-6548 Anthropology Anthropology
Faculty Weik, Terrance Associate Professor 803-777-6789 Anthropology Anthropology

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