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Department of Anthropology

2020 News Archive

Congratulations to Dr. Ken Kelly, Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Dr. Ken Kelly has been awarded the title of Distinguished Professor Emeritus! He has contributed greatly to the field of Anthropology while working at the department for the past 22 years. Although having retired in May, he continues to stay involved as an academic affiliate.

Congratulations to Dr. Kelly Goldberg

Dr. Goldberg has been spotlighted by the Incubator for Teaching Innovation for creating interactive labs with 3D scans of the Anthropology department's skull collection. Since COVID-19 caused her labs to be virtual, these scans enable her students to still be able to observe the skulls. Check out her spotlight article!

Congratulations to Dr. Monica Barra

Dr. Barra has been awarded the Early-Career Research Fellowship by the Gulf Research Program for the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. Read her interview article!

Congratulations to Samantha Dorman - awarded a grant by The Society for Georgia Archeology

In partnership with the Georgia Council of Professional Archeologists and Georgia DNR- Historic Preservation Division, the SGA offered two undergraduate research grants and one grant supporting thesis dissertation research this year for projects with a primary focus in Georgia.  

Congratulations to Dr. Sharon Dewitte, along with Dr. Molly Zuckerman (Mississippi State University) and Dr. Fabian Crespo (University of Louisville Research Foundation Inc)!!

Drs. Sharon Dewitte, Molly Zuckerman and Fabian Crespo were awarded a NSF standard Grant for their project titles,  "Host immunological characteristics and disease experiance in past human populations." 

Congratulations to Dr. Kimberly Simmons for being one of the awardees for the 2020 Theme Semester Co-Curricular Programming Award.  The awardees will receive support to develop programming and events for Theme Semester 2020

Lecture, Art Presentation, and Discussion by the Artist Jennifer “JRenee" Johnson
To commemorate the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, this event will pay tribute to the people and culture of New Orleans, discuss race and injustice surrounding the hurricane and its aftermath, and contemplate memories of home with artist JRenee.

Once more for Amber Domingue: Congratulations

Amber has also been awarded the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Graduates (REG) for her research on community-based Latinx healthcare in the South!

Working Title:  "Southern Community-led Latino Healthcare Interventions". 

Congratulations to Amber Domingue

Amber was one of two female students (in Humanities and/or Social Sciences) to be awarded with the Rhude M. Patterson Trustee Recruiting Fellowship of $5,000.00.

This fellowship was first awarded in 1983 and grew out of Ms. Patterson’s concern that women were not receiving sufficient financial support for graduate studies.

Students at previous commencement ceremony

Graduation Spring 2020!

Congratulations to our four graduating Ph.Ds!!

Andrew Agha - Committee Chair: Ken Kelly

Brandy Joy Committee Chair: Ken Kelly

Anais Parada - Committee Chair: Sherina Feliciano-Santos

Kristina Zarenko - Committee Chair: Carlina de la Cova

Sharon DeWitte

Congratulations to Dr. Sharon DeWitte

Read about her research which is highlighted in Science Magazine - May 14, 2020 

Dr. David Simmons -  interviewed for an  article on "What Can You Do With a Public Health Degree?"

U.S. News & World Report - May 7, 2020

BSI Awards

Congratulations to Dr. Carlina de la Cova

Dr. Carlina de la Cova was inducted into the Baker Street Irregulars (BSI) International literary society during their annual BSI Weekend (January 15-19, 2020) in New York City (a celebration of Sherlock Holmes's birthday). There are only a little over 300 members in the organization. The BSI was the first Sherlockian literary society in the world.

The Baker Street Irregulars literary society is dedicated to the study of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and the Victorian world. Founded in 1934, the BSI is the oldest Sherlockian society in the world. [They] publish a wide range of scholarship related to Sherlock Holmes, and produce various events including the BSI Weekend every January.The BSI is an international literary society. BSI Scion Societies are local groups affiliated with the BSI. Membership to Scions is determined by each local group. Membership in the BSI international group is by invitation only. [They] do not take membership applications.( )

"The Baker Street Irregulars are fictional characters who appear in various Sherlock Holmes stories, as street boys who are employed by Holmes as intelligence agents.” (Wikipedia)

Dr. de la Cova is also a member of the following BSI Scion Societies: His Last Bow, the Prior Teachers, Vatican Cameos, the Illustrious Clients, and Hounds of the Baskervillle (sic).

 Photo credit: William Walsh. Certificate by Dr. de la Cova


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