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Department of Political Science

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Photo of Morgan Lowder

Morgan Lowder

Morgan Lowder is a Ph.D. candidate in political science at the University of South Carolina. His research broadly examines how public policies reinforce and normalize existing social hierarchies and inequalities. The ways in which work-conditioned welfare policy, or workfare, funnels submerged benefits to employers at the expense of program participants is the current focus of his research. To that end, his dissertation examines the association between the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, the latter of which provides employers with a tax credit upon hiring SNAP participants and other work-conditioned social welfare policies. 

Photo of Christopher EddyChristopher Eddy

Bilinski Fellow at the University of South Carolina. His research intersects American politics, public policy, and public administration, with a focus on bureaucratic politics, environmental policy, and representation. His dissertation examines: 1) How descriptive (passive), substantive (active), and symbolic representation influence the relationship between citizens and the administrative state, and 2) How representation is employed as a mechanism to enhance equitable outcomes from bureaucratic organizations. He has taught multiple courses, including American Political Parties, Introduction to Public Administration, Public Opinion and Politics, and Ideology and World Politics.

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