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READI 2 Work: Nursing Pipeline Program

Junior and senior nursing students at the College of Nursing now have the opportunity to gain additional training as a paid employee in partnership with Prisma Health. The READI 2 Work initiative pairs academic learning and clinical experiences to strengthen nursing skills and better prepare students for real-world work. The process includes a formal partnership with nursing programs to ensure the provision of practice and validation of nursing skills through a precepted process.

Financial incentives include being paid by Prisma Health, loan repayment opportunities, and incentives for students who become RN employees working at Prisma Health. 

"This program gives students an edge. Students will receive additional training and exposure in the clinical setting, and time to learn and grow as they prepare for their transition to a registered nurse."
- Dean Andrews

BSN senior Zoe Albert is part of the inaugural cohort of the READI 2 Work program. Her experiences in the program are providing her with essential skill opportunities while also benefiting her financially. 

Why did you apply?

I applied because of the loan forgiveness offered throughout the program, and it is also a great way to gain extra hands-on experience.

What does your typical day look like during the program?

A typical day looks very similar to clinical in school, but it is more of a shadow-- we are not allowed to hand out medications but can be present. In the morning, we get a report and do our rounds with each patient.  Then, we go about our day depending on what tasks are required.  The environment is also a lot more laid back since it is just you one-on-one with a preceptor.  You get more time with an educator compared to the time you get in Med Surg or Foundations. 

How has this experience strengthened your practice as a nursing student?

This experience has made me more comfortable with completing tasks in front of patients and their family members because I am confident in my abilities to complete the tasks. My biggest takeaway so far has been the strengthening of those basic skills we have learned throughout school so far (setting up IV's , tube feedings, linen changes, etc.). 

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