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College of Nursing

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Tradition of Nursing

The calling and tradition of nursing is often passed down among families. Our "Tradition of Nursing" series spotlights nurse relatives who have earned their degree from USC College of Nursing. 

Michelle Faulkenberry has been a Prisma Health nurse for 36 years, beginning as a staff nurse on a medical-surgical unit and later a nurse manager in numerous departments. In her current role as a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES), she works with a Diabetes Self-Management Program.  In 2016, Prisma hired a recent nurse graduate, Caitlyn Woods, who also happened to be Michelle's daughter.  

Learning from an experienced RN, aka Mom

My mom has helped me numerous times during nursing school and my career as a bedside nurse. A specific memory of a challenge was when our hospital adopted "Glucommander," an insulin-dosing computer software. My mom has experienced many things during her career as a nurse, but she excels at all things diabetes! Despite the numerous educational opportunities our hospital received before the ‘go-live,’ problems arose when we began using the system. I was so lucky to have a personal expert in my back pocket! My mom was ready and willing to answer all the questions my coworkers and I had about the system, even on the weekends! I am always proud to say, "let me ask my mom about that!" 

Words of wisdom

I encouraged Caitlyn to learn from every nursing experience. I often use the skills I gained in med-surg, the ED, and Weight Management in my practice as a CDCES. Every clinical experience and every patient contact builds to make you a better nurse. 

Mom's point of view

I love that Caitlyn and I can talk about clinical things and relate to the experiences. Since we both work at Prisma, on occasion, she is the primary nurse for my patients in the diabetes program! I have always been proud to call her my daughter - I am equally pleased to be her colleague. 

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