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College of Nursing

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Summer 2022 Doctoral Graduates

Congratulations to College of Nursing's Summer 2022 Doctoral graduates. These scholars are committed to improving the health and nursing care of patients and communities through advanced practice in clinical and leadership roles.

DNP Student DNP Major Field DNP Chair DNP Project
Teresa Bowers APRN Shelli Gibbs Establishing a New Graduate Nurse Peer Mentoring Program
Alexandria Bridges APRN Rhonda Johnson A Nursing-Driven Delirium Protocol
Janet Kubas APRN Sabra Custer Assessing the Readiness of CHF Patients to Use the Medisafe App to Increase Medication Adherence
Tracy McLeod APRN Rhonda Johnson Improving Self- Efficacy in Heart Failure Care
Stephanie Schaller APRN Kate Chappell The Use of a Clinical Pathway to Increase Child Abuse Screenings of Young Children with Fractures
Jessica Thomas APRN Sabra Custer Patient Activation in Individualized Coaching for Congestive Heart Failure Patients
Quyen Vo FNP Sheryl Mitchell The Impact of Nurse-Patient Engagement with Health Information Technology on Patient Portal Usage
LaToshia Williams APRN Joan Creed Bridging the Gap: Improving hypertension in African America women and preventing cardiovascular disease
PhD Student PhD Dissertation Chair PhD Dissertation Title
Carolyn Harmon Swann Adams Unintended Consequences of the Electronic Health Record and Cognitive Load in Emergency Department Nurses
Jingxi Sheng Sue Heiney Physical activity and breast cancer prevention among Asian Americans

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