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First Year Experiences

After completing their first school year, College of Nursing freshmen left us their "class notes." Their journey to becoming a nurse has just begun! 

BSN Freshmen 

Vanessa Jensen 

"I am a freshman here at the College of Nursing, and I will say it is hard but rewarding and interesting! It feels incredible to study for hours and hours on end and then come out of practicals or exams getting 99s and 100s. I've learned that spending eight hours a day doing schoolwork puts me in a good place to be able to do things I enjoy on the weekends. It's hard but so worth it. I've become close with so many of my professors. Don't be afraid to talk to them, even if it's a big lecture class! Dr. Roberts teaches my lecture class with hundreds of other kids, and I still feel as though I can personally ask him questions whenever I feel necessary. " 

Chloe Phillips 

"When my little sister was in the hospital last semester, I had to take my NURS 112 final exam in the ER waiting room. My mother told the ER nurses that I was taking a final for my nursing class, and the kindest nurse brought me water and a snack because she knew I had been there for a while. This semester my classes have been challenging, but I think about how I want to be the kind of nurse that she is, and it motivates me to keep going." 

Emily Hisler 

"I came from a small town in Illinois, and moving was really hard in the beginning. Once I started getting into my classes, I realized how much I love nursing and all the aspects it teaches you as a person. The professors at the College of Nursing are absolutely amazing and always want their students to succeed! It is super competitive, but it makes me want to study that much more. I look up to all the upper division students, and they inspire me just seeing them around campus in their scrubs!"

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