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Alumni Spotlight: Molly Schaubroeck

Meet an extraordinary nursing alumna, whose unwavering dedication to compassionate care and continuous learning has elevated her in the field. From our halls to the NICU, she exemplifies excellence, embodying the values instilled during her time in our nursing program. Learn how her impact on patient well-being and her commitment to lifelong learning make us proud to shine the spotlight on this remarkable nursing alumna.

What's your current role and where? I'm a Registered Nurse in the NICU at Prisma Health Richland.

When did you graduate? May 2022

What do you love about being a NICU nurse? One reason I love being a NICU nurse is the ability to watch my patients grow during a rapidly developing stage in their lives. These preemies are very resilient and it is so rewarding to see their progress during their NICU stay. I am reminded every time we have a baby discharge who had been here several months -- a year why I love my career.


How did USC nursing prepare you for a successful beginning? USC Nursing prepared me so well by giving me a strong foundation to start my nursing career. Along with essential critical thinking skills, the College of Nursing instilled important nursing values in me including professional communication, teamwork, and prioritizing patient care.

What is your favorite USC nursing memory? My favorite USC nursing memory is bonding with my clinical group in Med Surg 2 and creating lasting friendships while helping each other grow as nursing students! Having a great team made my clinical experience a positive one. 

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