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BIOS forum on October 16: Steph-Yves Louis

Hosted By

 Arnold School of Public Health

Division of Biostatistics

 Lecture Presented By

 Steph-Yves Louis

BIOS Student

University of South Carolina

“YAGI: a tool to help newcomers to SAS, R, or STATA efficiently learn code and syntax
Monday, October 16, 2017

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Discovery I Building

Room 331

Abstract: SAS, R, and STATA are among the most widely used software packages for statistical calculations and data manipulation purposes across many fields. Books and online resources already exist to help with syntax for one’s preferred software; however, researching these materials can sometimes be very lengthy. For a new customer, the learning can be overwhelming. Even for an individual familiar with the program, attempts to retrieve code from other users codes may take longer than expected. Considering the above issues, Yagi, short for “You Already Got It”, which is still under development, becomes a handy software designed to facilitate the learning for novice coders and to represent a personal dictionary of codes for any returning user. 


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