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March 27 Tech Tuesday Talk: Adam Hoover and Eric Muth


A South Carolina SmartState Center

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 Tuesday - March 27 - Noon
Discovery 1, 915 Greene Street, Room 140

Adam Hoover, PhD - Eric Muth, PhD
Tracking Wrist Motion to Detect and Measure Energy Intake

Clemson University professors Dr. Eric Muth and Dr. Adam Hoover develop technologies for dietary monitoring using sensors worn on the wrist in the form of watch. The watch tracks wrist motion to automatically detect periods of eating and counts the number of bites taken by an individual during eating activity. Dr. Muth and Dr. Hoover will present the results of several studies examining the underlying biology of these processes as well as accuracies achieved in detecting eating activities and measuring energy intake.

Tech Tuesday Talks is a free, monthly seminar series bringing together researchers from across the USC campus who share an interest in technology-assisted health promotion and disease prevention interventions and research.  The series presents a forum to learn about one another’s work, spark collaborations, as well as introduce students to the ongoing research conducted on the USC campus which incorporates technology in health promotion.  All interested faculty, staff, students and the general public are invited to attend.  Tech Tuesday Talks are presented on the fourth Tuesday of the month in Discovery I Building, Room 140 at noon.  To learn more, visit or contact


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