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Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning

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Faculty and Staff Toolbox

As a faculty or staff member, you are critical to encouraging students to make the most of their education by connecting beyond the classroom opportunities to their academic work.  While this begins with encouraging purposeful engagement beyond the classroom, the most challenging step is to help students understand the connections between their beyond the classroom experiences and what they are learning in class. How is learning from class contradicted or reinforced by direct experience? How does learning within and beyond the classroom impact future decisions? These cognitive connections across experiences, are what the CIEL is all about: Integrative and Experiential Learning. 


I now emphasize the connections between the student and content.  So instead of lecturing, I help them make connection and figure out how theories are applicable to the real world.  The idea of key insights – making the connections -  guides how I teach some of the more abstract concepts. I also focus on the connection between WTC and BTC.   So you learn X in class, where do you see it outside of the class? 

Elise Lewis, School of Library and Information Science,
College of Information and Communication

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