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Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning

Approved Courses

Please check the Undergraduate Catalog for prerequisites or course restrictions.  Course titles and numbers are subject to change.  

Course Title Keywords
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AESP 415 Aircraft Design 1  
AESP 428 Design  
AFAM 398 Special Topics in African-American Studies  
AFAM 399 Independent Study  
ANTH 201 Anthropological Inquiry in Undergraduate Research  
ANTH 325 Ethnoarchaeology  
ANTH 399 Independent Study  
ANTH 498 Senior Thesis  
ANTH 552 Medical Anthropology  
ARAB 399 Independent Study  
ARTE 399 Independent Study  
ARTH 399 Independent Study  
ARTH 498 Independent Study  
ARTH 499 Independent Study  
ARTS 104 3-Dimensional Design I  
ARTS 108 3-Dimensional Design II  
ARTS 241 Color for Design  
ARTS 399 Independent Study  
ARTS 447 Senior Project I  
ARTS 498 Independent Study  
ARTS 499 Independent Study  
ASTR 499 Undergraduate Research  
BADM 399 Independent Study  
BIOL 301 Ecology and Evolution with Lab  
BIOL 302 Cell and Molecular Biology with Lab  
BIOL 399 Independent Study  
BIOL 498 Biological Research: An Introduction  
BIOL 499 Independent Study  
BIOL 510 Invertebrate Zoology  
BIOL 536 Ichthyology  
BIOL 538 Behavior of Marine Organisms  
BIOL 550 Bacteriology and Lab  
BIOL 552 Population Genetics  
BIOS 490 Independent Study  
BMEN 345 Human Anatomy and Physiology for Biomedical Engineers  
BMEN 427 Senior Biomedical Engineering Design I  
BMEN 428 Senior Biomedical Engineering Design II  
BMEN 499 Independent Research  
CHEM 399 Independent Study  
CHEM 496 Undergraduate Research  
CHEM 497 Undergraduate Research  
CHEM 498 Undergraduate Research  
CHEM 499 Undergraduate Research  
CHIN 399 Independent Study  
COLA 298 Topics in Liberal Arts  
CPLT 499 Senior Thesis  
CRJU 202 Research Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice  
CRJU 399 Independent Study  
CSCE 490 Capstone Software Engineering Project I  
CSCE 491 Capstone Computer System Project  
CSCE 492 Capstone Software Engineering Project II  
CSCE 498 Independent Study  
DANC 250 Dance Improvisation and Composition  
DANC 399 Independent Study and Research  
DANC 490 Senior Capstone Concert  
ECHE 203 Research in Chemical Engineering  
ECHE 466 Chemical Process Analysis and Design II  
ECHE 498 Topics in Chemical Engineering  
ECHE 499 Special Problems  
ECIV 470 Civil Engineering Design  
ECIV 490 Special Problems  
ECIV 499 Undergraduate Research  
ECON 399 Independent Study  
EDEC 342 The Young Child: Development, Care and Education  
EDEC 591 Seminar on Teaching in Early Childhood  
EDEL 399 Independent Study  
EDEX 399 Independent Study  
EDFI 399 Independent Study  
EDPY 399 Independent Study  
EDRD 399 Independent Study  
EDSE 399 Independent Study  
ELCT 403 Capstone Design Project I  
ELCT 404 Capstone Design Project II  
ELCT 499 Special Problems  
EMCH 327 Design of Mechanical Elements  
EMCH 427 Mechanical Design I  
EMCH 428 Mechanical Design II  
EMCH 460 Special Problems  
EMCH 497 Design of Thermal Systems  
ENCP 481 Project Management  
ENCP 491 Capstone Design Project I  
ENCP 492 Capstone Design Project II  
ENCP 499 Interdisciplinary Technical Elective  
ENGL 399 Independent Study  
ENGL 463 Business Writing  
ENHS 490 Independent Study  
ENVR 122 Green Engagements  
ENVR 322 Environmental Ethics  
ENVR 399 Independent Study  
ENVR 499 Research in Environmental Science  
EPID 410 Principles of Epidemiology  
EPID 490 Independent Study  
EURO 490 Senior Seminar  
EURO 499 Senior Thesis  
EXSC 342b Lifespan Motor Development Program Practical Experience  
EXSC 351 Acquisition of Motor Skills  
EXSC 395 Research Seminar in Exercise Science  
EXSC 499 Independent Study  
FAMS 399 Independent Study  
FREN 399 Independent Study  
FREN 499 Senior Thesis  
GEOG 399 Independent Study  
GEOG 495 Seminar in Geography  
GEOG 498 Undergraduate Research  
GEOG 499 Undergraduate Research  
GEOL 315 Surface and Near Surface Processes  
GEOL 318 Field Studies in Geology  
GEOL 399 Independent Study  
GEOL 498 Undergraduate Research  
GEOL 499 Undergraduate Research  
GEOL 500 Field Geology  
GEOL 560 Earth Resource Management  
GERM 399 Independent Study  
GREK 399 Independent Study  
HEBR 399 Independent Study  
HIST 300 The Historian’s Craft  
HIST 310 Age of Reformation  
HIST 399 Independent Study  
HIST 479 Oral History  
HIST 492 Topics in History  
HIST 493 Topics in History  
HIST 494 Topics in History  
HIST 497 Senior Seminar  
HIST 498 Senior Seminar  
HIST 499 Senior Thesis  
HPEB 399 Independent Study  
HPEB 513 Race, Ethnicity, and Health: Examining Health Inequalities  
HPEB 552 Medical Anthropology  
HPEB 684 HIV/STI Prevention  
HSPM 401 Independent Study  
HRTM 399 Independent Study  
HRTM 481 Tourism Research Methods  
IBUS 430 Research in International Business  
IBUS 490 Specialized Study in International Business  
IDST 497 Senior Seminar  
ITAL 399 Independent Study  
ITAL 499 Senior Project  
ITEC 352 Software Design  
ITEC 399 Independent Study  
ITEC 444 Introduction to Human Computer Interaction  
JAPA 399 Independent Study  
JOUR 220 Account Planning  
JOUR 421 Media Analysis  
JOUR 471 Intermediate Reporting and Production (Multimedia)  
JOUR 517 Integrated Campaigns  
JOUR 531 Public Relations Campaigns  
JOUR 574 Data Journalism  
JOUR 586 Capstone I Advanced Reporting—Broadcast and Online  
JOUR 588 Capstone II Advanced Broadcast and Online Journalism Production  
LASP 399 Independent Study  
LASP 496 Senior Seminar  
LATN 399 Independent Study  
LING 399 Independent Study  
MART 399 Independent Study  
MATH 198 Introduction to Careers and Research in the Mathematical Sciences  
MATH 399 Independent Study  
MATH 499 Undergraduate Research  
MGSC 490 Information System Analysis and Design  
MGSC 497 GSCOM Capstone Project  
MKTG 352 Principles of Marketing Research  
MKTG 451 Topics in Marketing  
MSCI 305 Ocean Data Analysis  
MSCI 399 Independent Study  
MSCI 460 Field and Laboratory Investigations in Marine Science  
MSCI 496 Undergraduate Research  
MSCI 497 Undergraduate Research  
MSCI 498 Undergraduate Research  
MSCI 499 Undergraduate Research  
MSCI 510 Invertebrate Zoology  
MSCI 538 Behavior of Marine Organisms  
MSCI 552 Population Genetics  
MSCI 536  Ichthyology  
MUSC 399 Independent Study  
NURS 399 Independent Study  
NURS 400 Evidence Based Practice  
PEDU 399 Independent Study  
PEDU 498 Advanced Seminar in Physical Education  
PHMY 716 Special Project, Dept of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences  
PHMY 757 Special Project, Dept of Pharmacy and Outcome Sciences  
PHMY 780 Outcomes Design and Assessment  
PHMY 784 Post-graduate and Research Training  
PHMY 856 Evidence Based Medicine  
PHMY 859 Design and Conduct of Clinical Research Studies  
PHIL 214 Science and Pseudo-Science  
PHIL 322 Environmental Ethics  
PHIL 390 Junior Seminar in Philosophy  
PHIL 399 Independent Study  
PHIL 490 Seminar in Philosophy  
PHIL 495 Senior Thesis  
PHYS 399 Independent Study  
PHYS 498 Senior Thesis  
PHYS 499 Undergraduate Research  
POLI 122 Green Engagement  
POLI 301 The Political Science Discipline  
POLI 399A Independent Study in Political Science  
POLI 399B Independent Study in International Studies  
POLI 475 Survey Research  
POLI 498 Research Experience  
POLI 499 Senior Thesis  
PORT 399 Independent Study  
PSYC 226 Research Methods in Psychology  
PSYC 399 Independent Study  
PSYC 498 Advanced Independent Study  
RELG 399 Independent Study  
RELG 498 Advanced Project  
RETL 399 Independent Study  
RUSS 399 Independent Study  
SCCP 716 Special Project, Dept of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences  
SCCP 757 Special Project, Dept of Pharmacy and Outcome Sciences  
SCCP 780 Outcomes Design and Assessment  
SCCP 784 Post-graduate and Research Training  
SCCP 856 Evidence Based Medicine  
SCCP 859 Design and Conduct of Clinical Research Studies  
SCHC 399 Independent Study  
SCHC 497 Undergraduate Research  
SCHC 499 Senior Thesis/Project  
SLIS 310 Research Methods in Information Science  
SLIS 494 Independent Study in Information Science  
SOCY 399 Independent Study  
SOCY 498 Research Seminar  
SOST 302 Research in Southern Studies  
SOST 399 Independent Study  
SOST 405 Topics in Southern Studies  
SOWK 399 Independent Study  
SOWK 421 Social Work Practice Methods  
SPAN 399 Independent Study  
SPAN 499 Senior Seminar  
SPCH 399 Independent Study and Research  
SPCH 499 Special Topics in Speech  
SPTE 320 Sport and the Law  
SPTE 399 Independent Study  
SPTE 498 Research Experience  
SPTE 499 Senior Thesis  
STAT 399 Independent Study  
SWAH 399 Independent Study  
THEA 201 Introduction to Theatre Studies  
THEA 399 Independent Study and Research  
UNIV 201 Fundamentals of Inquiry  
WGST 399 Independent Study  
WGST 431 Women’s Studies Workshop  

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