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Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning

GLD in Community Service

Approved Courses

Please check the Undergraduate Catalog for prerequisites or course restrictions.  Course titles and numbers are subject to change.

Course Title Keywords
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*Service-Learning Any Service-Learning course from the Leadership and Services Center's list  
ANTH 210 The Human Life Cycle in Different Cultures Anthropology
ANTH 291S Sugar in the Blood: Cultural Beliefs, Attitudes, and Treatment of Diabetes in the African American Community  
DANC 470 Dance Education III: Dance Pedagogy for Middle and High School  
DANC 478 Integrated Approachs to Dance Education  
ECON 509 Economics of Sustainable Development  
EDEC 510 Parent/Family Dynamics in Early Childhood Education  
EDFI 300 Schools in Communities  
EDTE 400 Learning Through Community Service  
ENGL 360 Creative Writing  
ENVR 122 Green Engagements  
ENVR 295 Green Technology in Germany  
ENVR 322 Environmental Ethics  
GEOG 210 People, Places, and the Environment  
GERM 295 Green Technology in Germany  
GERM 401P Practicum Teaching German to Young Children  
HPEB 300 Introduction to Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior  
HPEB 355 First Aid and Emergency Preparedness  
HPEB 501 Human Sexuality Education  
HPEB 502 Applied Aspects of Human Nutrition  
HPEB 511 Health Problems in a Changing Society  
HPEB 553 Community Health Problems  
HPEB 684 HIV/STI Prevention  
HRSM 301 HRSM Professional Development Seminar  
JOUR 333 Public Relations for Nonprofit Organizations  
JOUR 528 Cause Communications: Service Learning Experience  
JOUR 531 Public Relations Campaigns  
JOUR 537 The Carolina Agency  
JOUR 563 Public/Civic Journalism  
LASP 305 Working with Hispanic Clients  
MGSC 497 GSCOM Capstone Project  
MUED 454 Music for Young Children  
NURS 431 Population Health Nursing  
PEDU 575 Physical Education for the Classroom Teacher  
PHIL 211 Contemporary Moral Issues  
PHIL 321 Medical Ethics  
PHIL 322 Environmental Ethics  
PHIL 325 Engineering Ethics  
PHIL 532 Social Justice  
POLI 122 Green Engagements  
POLI 305 Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality  
POLI 477 Green Politics  
PSYC 487 Community Psychology  
PSYC 489 Community Psychology Practicum  
PSYC 510 Child Behavioral and Mental Disorders  
PUBH 498 Public Health Capstone Seminar  
SAEL 200 Social Advocacy and Ethical Life  
SLIS 325 Children's Literature  
SOCY 304 Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality  
SOCY 308 Community Organization  
SOCY 309 An Introduction to Social Inequality  
SOCY 340 Introduction to Social Problems  
SOWK 201 Introduction to Social Work Profession and Social Welfare  
SOWK 222 Social Welfare Institutions, Policies, and Programs  
SOWK 305 Social Welfare Services for Women and Minorities  
SOWK 311 Generalist Practice I: Introduction to Social Work Practice  
SOWK 382 Introduction to Field Education  
SOWK 402 Non-Professional Participation in Social Welfare Agencies  
SOWK 422 Advocacy for Social and Economic Justice  
SPAN 305 Working with Hispanic Clients  
WGST 112 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies  
WGST 210 Human Life Cycles in Different Cultures  
WGST 304 Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality  
WGST 306 Social Welfare Services for Women and Minorities  
WGST 404 Community Activism  
WGST 499 Community Service Internship  

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