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Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning

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You have had great beyond the classroom experiences!  What did you really get out of them? How do your experiences relate to what you are learning in class or to your personal goals? When you describe the significance of your experiences to others, you develop professional skills and create a new level of understanding for yourself!

Presentation Expectations

One of the Graduation with Leadership Distinction requirements is to present only one beyond the classroom experience. Typically, this presentation is on a beyond the classroom experience related to your pathway, however that is not required. For example, if you are in the Global Learning pathway, but have also conducted research, it is acceptable to present on your research project instead of your study abroad experience. If you are pursuing more than one pathway, then you are required to conduct a presentation for each pathway on a meaningful beyond the classroom experience related to that pathway. For example, students pursuing GLD in community service and global learning should present both on a community service experience as well as a meaningful global learning experience. Creating and delivering an interactive presentation helps you re-think what you learned and provides practice in formally communicating your ideas. You can complete your presentation whenever you have completed a significant portion of your beyond the classroom experience, typically in the senior year.

Your presentation should start with a meaningful beyond the classroom experience and include background, activity description, and reflection. Learn more about the criteria in this handout. Most students take a GLD specific section of UNIV 401 for the opportunity to reflect with fellow students and receive structured guidance in developing their presentations.  If you are not in a course, you can work with your GLD Advisor to receive feedback on your presentation.

To allow sufficient time to explain your learning and respond to questions, you are expected to present your beyond-the-classroom experience and takeaways alone. If you will be presenting with others, please contact CIEL to recieve prior approval for your presentation. 

Poster Template

Presentation posters should be at minimum 2’ x 3’. Templates are available to help students showcase their within and beyond the classroom experiences.  You can also create your own design rather than using a template.  Details on poster cost, ordering, and content are available in the Presentation Expectations handout.
You will need to use this form to print your poster at Printing Services on campus. Discounts are available if you place your order in advance! 


Discover USC

Friday, April 19, 2024
Registration Deadline: Friday,  March 1, 2024

Every April Discover USC showcases students’ scholarly pursuits in and out of the classroom. Undergraduates in all years, all disciplines and at all campuses are welcome to participate. GLD students only make poster presentations at Discover USC. 

Steps to Present

Write Your Abstract
Before you register to present, you need to write an abstract or a summary/description of your project/activity/experience. The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) provides a guide to writing your abstract. Sample abstracts for GLD presentations are available in this handout

Abstract Review
Have your UNIV 401 instructor, GLD advisor, faculty mentor, or supervisor for your experience review and help you edit your abstract (this might take a few drafts). This person’s name is included on your registration to present.

When your abstract is complete and reviewed, you are ready to register.  You must register by Friday, March 1, 2024.

Print Your Poster
Students are encouraged to talk with their mentor, supervisor, and/or instructor to find out if there are preferred locations or options for printing and if there are specific methods/process for payment. Also be sure to compare pricing BEFORE committing to printing.

  • CAS Computing: (for students in College of Arts and Sciences) Helpful pricing estimates provided on website.
    • NOTE: a few departments have their own poster printers – be sure to ask.
  • Honors College students: Can apply to have the SCHC pay for poster printing through the Honors College Conference Presentation Grant (application at bottom of page). Apply ASAP as it can take up to 3 weeks for a response. Your poster does not need to be ready before applying.
  • Capstone Scholars: to inquire about covering printing costs, email
  • College of Engineering and Computing: contact David Dohan, Helpdesk Manager and Dean's Staff IT Administrator
  • School of Public Health: limited printing available. Check on costs and ask your mentor/supervisor about payment options and process.
  • School of Medicine-Columbia: Must have permission from mentor.
  • Printing Services: available to all students, all campuses; printing discounts available if poster is submitted VERY early. Contact Printing Services directly. Be sure to ask on pricing, cheapest material to print on (typically vinyl), and payment method.
  • System campuses: A number of campuses have their own printing options or contracted services. Please talk with your mentor/supervisor for the appropriate option.
  • There are also many off-campus printing options both on-line mail order that can be quite reasonably priced (even printing on fabric!) but planning ahead for shipping is essential plus many office supply and/or shipping stores can print posters. Compare pricing and services.


Summer Research Symposium

Thursday, July 25, 2024

Every summer the Office of the Vice President for Research hosts a Summer Research Symposium for undergraduate students who participated in research projects over the summer.  Similar to Discover USC, students pursuing GLD are also eligible to present at this venue. Students must have their GLD advisor review and help them edit their abstract prior to completing their registration. Sample abstracts are available in this handout. When your abstract is complete, you are ready to register. 


Fall Showcase

Friday, November 17, 2023

Registration deadline - Friday, November 3, 2023

Every November the Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning hosts the Fall Showcase to provide fall GLD graduates an opportunity to present their pursuits within and beyond the classroom. This event is limited to only GLD students graduating in the fall semester. Students must submit an approved abstract along with their registration. Sample abstracts are available in this handout. When your abstract is complete, you are ready to register.


Alternatives to a Discover USC Presentation

Students pursuing an alternative presentation through a venue other than the ones mentioned above should submit an Alternative Presentation form[pdf]. Other alternatives to presenting are to author a publication, apply for an National Fellowship and Scholar Programs (NFSP) scholarship such as the Truman, Rhodes, Marshall, Goldwater, Udall, Mitchell, Boren or Fulbright scholarships, or present at another campus, regional or national conference. Alternative presentations should still relate to a meaningful beyond the classroom experience, and should be presented in a venue open to the public. Students completing publications or OFSP scholarship applications should submit those documents in their GLD applications.

Alternative presentations must meet these criteria. It is recommended that you meet with a GLD Advisor to ensure that an alternative presentation you are considering will count.

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