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Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning

GLD in Professional and Civic Engagement

Leadership Experiences

Appointed Student Leader
Students who are picked by other leaders (faculty, staff, students, alumni, etc.) connected to USC, typically through a vetting process to see if the candidate is qualified to hold the office.  The public body is not directly involved in the selection of appointed student leaders.

Peer Educator
Students who are selected and trained to offer educational services to their peers.  These services are intentionally designed to assist in the adjustment, satisfaction, and persistence of students toward attainment of their educational goals.  Students performing in these paraprofessional roles are compensated for their services and are supervised by qualified professionals.

Student Employee
Students who are enrolled at USC, claim full-time student status for employment tax purposes, and hold an on-campus employment position with a campus department. Students performing in these roles are doing work that is in the public interest. This includes federal work-study students who are employed on the USC campus.

Student Organization Officer
Students who are chosen through an organized election where the public (or group they will serve) comes together to select the leader from a slate of candidates.

Student Programming Advisor
A student who has been selected to assist in the planning and delivery of organized student support and enrichment programs. 

Student Worker (Off Campus Employment)
Students who are working with organizations outside of USC in order to seek early-career related experience or meet their financial need. This includes federal work-study students who are employed off campus by one or more of USC’s federal work-study partners, including community service organizations. Students are selected through a hiring process and provided extensive training.

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