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Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning

GLD in Global Learning

Approved Courses

Courses that are approved to meet the requirement for Graduation with Leadership Distinction in Global Learning are listed on this page.

Note the following guidelines:

  1. Courses must be part of student’s on-campus program (i.e., not part of an INTL 501 or INTL 502 program).
  2. 3 credits may be from a Foreign Language Intermediate or Advanced Level course on reading, writing and speaking (which exceeds the university Foreign Language requirement).
  3. Independent Study courses may count, but must include clear references to international or global learning in the course description.

Please check the Undergraduate Catalog for prerequisites or course restrictions.  Course titles and numbers are subject to change.

Course Title Keywords
(hidden column)
ACCT 506 International Financial Reporting  
AFAM 580 Culture and Identity in the African Diaspora  
ANTH 102 Understanding Other Cultures  
ANTH 203 Comparing Cultures Through Film  
ANTH 208 Anthropology of Globalization and Development  
ANTH 210 The Human Life Cycle in Different Cultures  
ANTH 211 Learning Across Cultures  
ANTH 234 Caribbean Cultures  
ANTH 236 Cultures of Africa  
ANTH 237 Cultures of Islam  
ANTH 238 Middle Eastern Cultures  
ANTH 240 South Asian Cultures  
ANTH 241 Southeast Asian Cultures  
ANTH 242 Chinese Popular Culture  
ANTH 243 Japanese Cultures  
ANTH 301 Latin American Cultures  
ANTH 305 Cultures of South American Indian Cultures  
ANTH 317 American Indian Nations  
ANTH 350 Peasant Communities and Rural Development  
ANTH 351 The Family in Cross-Cultural Perspective  
ANTH 353 Anthropology of Law and Conflict  
ANTH 355 Language, Culture, and Society  
ANTH 360 The Anthropology of Sex  
ANTH 381 Gender and Globalization  
ANTH 515 Tradition and Transformations in Islamic Cultures  
ANTH 556 Language and Globalization  
ANTH 569 International Development and the Environment  
ANTH 580 Culture and Identity in the African Diaspora  
ANTH 581 Globalization and Cultural Questions  
ARTH 105 History of Western Art I  
ARTH 106 History of Western Art II  
ARTH 313 History of Roman Art  
ARTH 320 History of Italian Renaissance Art  
ARTH 321 History of Northern Renaissance Art  
ARTH 325 History of Southern Baroque Art  
ARTH 326 History of Northern Baroque Art  
ARTH 345 History of Asian Art  
ARTH 390 Topics in Art History  
ARTH 545 Special Topics in Modern Chinese Art  
ARTH 546 Special Topics in Asian Art  
CHIN 335 Women in China  
CPLT 270 World Literature  
CPLT 301 Great Books of the Western World 1  
CPLT 302 Great Books of the Western World 2  
CPLT 303 Great Books of the Eastern World  
CPLT 597 Comparative Studies in Film  
DANC 282 World Dance History and Culture  
ECON 303 The International Economy  
ECON 503 International Trade Economics  
ECON 504 International Monetary Economics  
ECON 505 International Development Economics  
ECON 507 Comparative Economic Systems  
EDEC 336 Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in Early Childhood Classrooms  
EDFI 361 Comparative and International Education  
EDUC 360 Global and Multicultural Perspectives on Education in International Settings  
ENGL 270 World Literature  
ENGL 283 Themes in British Writing  
ENGL 390 Great Books of the Western World I  
ENGL 391 Great Books of the Western World II  
ENGL 392 Great Books of the Eastern World  
ENVR 223 Introduction to Global Environmental Health  
EURO 300 Introduction to European Studies  
FREN 453 Francophone Literatures and Cultures  
GEOG 223 Geography of Latin America  
GEOG 225 Geography of Europe  
GEOG 226 Geography of the Middle East  
GEOG 228 Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa  
GEOG 312 Geography and Global Geopolitics  
GEOG 569 Environment and Development  
GEOG 581 Globalization and Cultural Questions  
GERM 280 German Culture and Civilization  
HIST 102 European Civilization from the Mid-17th Century  
HIST 104 Introduction to Civilization of the Islamic Middle East  
HIST 105 Introduction to East Asian Civilization  
HIST 106 Introduction to African History  
HIST 109 Introduction to Latin American Civilization  
HIST 110 Conquest, Colonization, Captivity: The Americas, 1441-1888  
HIST 307 Family and Society in Europe  
HIST 316 Nineteenth- Century Europe  
HIST 317 Contemporary Europe from World War I to World War II  
HIST 318 Europe from World War II to Present  
HIST 320 The History of Great Britain  
HIST 321 The History of Great Britain  
HIST 328 Nineteenth-Century Britain  
HIST 329 Modern and Contemporary Britain  
HIST 333 France Since 1815  
HIST 338 Modern Germany  
HIST 342 The Slavs in History  
HIST 343 The Fall of the Eastern European Empires  
HIST 344 Eastern Europe Since WWI  
HIST 347 The Middle East in Modern Times  
HIST 348 North Africa from Colonialism to Revolution: 1830-1962  
HIST 349 The Contemporary Middle East and North Africa  
HIST 351 Africa to 1800  
HIST 352 Africa since 1800  
HIST 354 Modern East Asia  
HIST 357 Japan to 1800: Aristocrats and Warriors  
HIST 358 Japan since 1800  
HIST 374 Nationalism: Myth and Reality  
HIST 375 Nazis and Fascists in European History, 1919-1945  
HIST 376 War and European Society, 1914-1945  
HIST 377 Business in Historical Perspective  
HIST 378 Urban Experience in Modern Europe  
HIST 379 Women in Modern Europe  
HIST 385 The Expansion of Christianity  
HIST 386 Islamic Institutions and Traditions  
HIST 420 Colonial Latin America  
HIST 421 Modern Latin America  
HIST 425 Caribbean Race and Slavery, 1500-1900  
HIST 562 The Middle East and the United States: 1800 to the Present  
HPEB 470 Principles of Global health  
IBUS 301 Introduction to International Business  
IBUS 310 Globalization and Business  
IBUS 401 International Financial Management  
IBUS 402 International Marketing  
IBUS 405 International Information Systems  
IBUS 406 International Human Resource Management  
IBUS 421/521 Business in Latin America  
IBUS 423 Cross-Cultural Behavior and Negotiations  
IBUS 424 Exporting and Importing  
IBUS 425 Competitive Strategies in Developing Countries  
IBUS 426 Global Competitive Analysis  
IBUS 427 Global Stakeholder Management  
IBUS 428 Islamic Economics and Finance  
IBUS 429 Comparative Innovation Systems  
IBUS 431 Managing Cross-border Teams  
IBUS 433 Economic Globalization: Leadership and the Transnational Mindset  
IBUS 434 Social Networks and Global Leadership  
IBUS 435 Economic Development: Strategies and Institutions  
IBUS 441 Business in Latin America  
IBUS 442/542 Business in Asia  
IBUS 443 Business in Europe  
IBUS 444/544 Business in Africa  
IBUS 503 International Entrepreneurship  
ITAL 400 Contemporary Italian Civilization  
JAPA 240 Introduction to Japanese Culture  
JSTU 373 Literature and Film of the Holocaust  
LASP 201 Latin American, Caribbean, Latino/a Cultures through Film  
LASP 301 Interdisciplinary Study of Latin America  
LASP 305 Working with Latin American Clients  
LASP 311 Latin American Cultures  
LASP 312 Mexican Cultures  
LASP 315 South American Indian Cultures  
LASP 331 Geography of Latin America  
LASP 342 Modern Latin America  
LASP 351 Politics and Governments of Latin America  
LASP 451 International Relations of Latin America  
LING 340 Language, Culture, and Society  
LING 556 Language and Globalization  
MGMT 406 International Human Resource Management  
MGSC 405 International Information Systems  
MGSC 487 Global Sourcing Strategies and Applications  
MUSC 555 Global Music  
PHIL 532 Social Justice  
POLI 101 Controversies in World Politics  
POLI 103 Controversies in the Politics of Global Regions  
POLI 315 International Relations  
POLI 316 Comparative Politics  
POLI 330 International Organization  
POLI 340 The Conduct and Formulation of United States Foreign Policy  
POLI 341 Contemporary United States Foreign Policy  
POLI 342 National Security Policies of the United States  
POLI 380 Comparative Politics of Developing Countries  
POLI 381 Comparative Politics of Industrialized Countries  
POLI 416 Revolution and Political Violence  
POLI 417 Theories of War in International Relations  
POLI 420 International Law  
POLI 421 Law and Contemporary International Problems  
POLI 430 Ideology and World Politics  
POLI 432 Nationalism and Ethnicity in World Politics  
POLI 433 Economics Aspects of International Politics  
POLI 437 International Relations of Latin America  
POLI 440 Russian Foreign Policy  
POLI 442 Globalization and Security  
POLI 443 International Relations of East Asia and the Pacific  
POLI 444 International Relations in Japan  
POLI 445 Political Economy of Africa’s Regions  
POLI 446 International Relations of Africa  
POLI 447 Foreign Policies of Selected Powers  
POLI 448 Politics and Government of China  
POLI 449 International Relations of the Middle East  
POLI 480 Politics and Government of Russia  
POLI 481 Politics and Government of Europe  
POLI 483 Middle East Politics  
POLI 487 Politics and Government of Africa  
POLI 488 Politics and Governments of Latin America  
POLI 489 Politics and Government of Japan  
PORT 301 Cultural Manifestations in Modern Brazil  
RELG 210 Introduction to Hinduism  
RELG 220 Introduction to Buddhism  
RELG 250 Introduction to Islam  
RELG 351 Yoga and the Spiritual Art of Transformation  
RELG 352 Religions of East Asia  
RELG 354 Islamic Institutions and Traditions  
RELG 358 The Qur'an and Hadith  
RELG 359 Islamic Theology and Philosophical Thought  
RELG 367 Sufism  
RELG 369 Islamic Law  
RELG 373 Literature and Film of the Holocaust  
RELG 551 Tradition and Transformations in Islamic Cultures  
RUSS 280 Introduction to Russian Civilization  
RUSS 319 Nineteenth Century Russian Literature in Translation  
RUSS 320 Twentieth Century Russian Literature in Translation  
SCHC 466 Art and Culture of Japan  
SOCY 315 World Population: Problems and Policies  
SOWK 307 International Social Work and Social Justice  
SPAN 304 Cultural Readings and Advanced Conversation  
SPAN 305 Working with Hispanic Clients  
SPAN 380 Hispanic Film and Culture  
SPAN 400 Spanish Civilization  
SPAN 500 Contemporary Spain  
WGST 210 The Human Life Cycle in Different Cultures  
WGST 335 Women in China  
WGST 351 The Family in Cross Cultural Perspective  
WGST 379 Women in Modern Europe  
WGST 381 Gender and Globalization  

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