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The final requirement for Graduation with Leadership Distinction is to complete an ePortfolio, which provides you an opportunity to articulate your learning throughout your experiences.  You will complete the GLD ePortfolio in the final year of your degree program.

Sample ePortfolios

These ePortfolios provide a range of examples. Remember no one ePortfolio is a perfect example. Each ePortfolio is unique, so yours will be too!
Kaitlyn Bretz - Environmental Science
Chelsea Coleburn - Mathematics & Secondary Education
Elliott Cooper - Biological Sciences
Ontonio Grant - Associates in Arts
Lily Gullion - Exercise Science
Abhishek Malkan - Biological Sciences
Lizeth Morales - Experimental Psychology
Abdullah Najdeyah - Risk Management and Insurance
Clarie RandallExperimental Psychology and Biological Sciences
Adrianna Shoemaker - Sociology and Philosophy
Lizzie UtsetInternational Studies and Chinese Studies
Dalia Valcin-Brown - Athletic Training

UNIV 401 for GLD

Most students take UNIV 401 for GLD for the opportunity to reflect with fellow students and receive weekly guidance.  The ePortfolio completed in a course is due according to the instructor's deadline (typically near the end of the semester). To register for UNIV 401 you must:

  1. Complete the GLD Orientation prior to attempting to register for the course.
  2. Be classified as a Senior having completed 90+ credit hours.
  3. Ensure that you are registering for UNIV 401 for GLD.

Please contact Lara Ducate if you have any questions about online UNIV 401.  For more important information about online UNIV 401 and special requirements that may not be listed here, visit the Distributed Learning course listing

Working Independently

Working with a GLD advisor (instead of taking a course) requires students be driven to complete assignments independently.  We encourage Columbia students to make a GLD advising appointment as soon as you make the decision to complete the ePortfolio independently. The ePortfolio deadline is MUCH EARLIER for students in this category: 

  • Monday, March 18, 2019 for May graduates
  • Monday, June 10, 2019 for August graduates
  • Monday, Oct 21, 2019 for December graduates

Multiple Pathways

If students are completing multiple ePortfolios and are registered for a UNIV401 course, only one of those portfolios can be UNIV401 course supported. The other portfolio is completed independently working with a GLD Advisor in the USC Connect office. The other portfolio (non-course supported) will be required to meet independent portfolio deadlines, please see those posted above.

Palmetto College GLD Support

Students at a Palmetto College campus can enroll in UNIV 401 GLD or contact a GLD advisor on their campus:


GLD ePortfolio Content Guide [pdf]

This is the document you will use to guide you in creating the structure and content of your GLD ePortfolio. Helpful writing prompts included.

Creating an ePortfolio Website

The USC Connect GLD ePortfolio Technology Page gets you started in setting up an ePortfolio with Google Sites. If you choose Google Sites, USC Connect will provide further support, as needed. You may use another website creation tool (such as Weebly, or Wix) if you do not need our technical support.

GLD Rubric [pdf]

The GLD rubric is the assessment tool that will be used by a trained reviewer to evaluate your ePortfolio.  In order to meet requirements for GLD you must earn a score of at least 34.