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  • Needs Based Assessment and Research

Needs Based Assessment and Research

The Needs Based Assessment and Research course at USC examines why conducting a comprehensive needs assessment and developing a strategic plan is the best way an organization can truly be effective in accomplishing their goals.

Get the Information to Gain the Funds

USC’s Needs Based Assessment and Research course takes you through the complete study of the necessary assessment process and explains why it is the critical part of the grant proposal. You will learn how to conduct the vital research, field studies and data analysis essential to compose an effective needs assessment. The course explains how to identify the goals, policies and objectives of a comprehensive plan or study in order to systematically indicate how the current needs will benefit from funding and ultimately deliver a desired result. 

The Needs Based Assessment and Research course also identifies the key components of a successful needs assessment and emphasizes research and statistics. This training will give you the ability to explain and defend needs by adequately describing the relationship between the available grant and the actual problem.

In this intensive course, you will examine the necessary components of a successful Needs Assessment such as organizational capacity, availability of resources, research and statistics, unmet needs, and community partners. Participants will learn both practical and conceptual aspects that are important to the development process. Emphasis is given to research and relevant statistics.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the definition of a Needs Based Assessment
  • Know where to locate relevant statistical data
  • Facilitate a community based focus group
  • Define the components of a comprehensive assessment


The Course Outline

The workshop format will feature both lecture sessions and group activities throughout the training.  You will meet and interact with others who have similar interests and needs in group sessions to discuss relevant issues and strategies with other professionals from similar disciplines such as education, mental health, social service, health care, law enforcement, etc. 

Lessons will include:

  • What is a Needs Assessment? 
  • Why do a Needs Assessment? 
  • How to plan a comprehensive study 
  • How to facilitate a successful focus group 
  • How to compile a comprehensive assessment


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