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Continuing Education Programs

What Our Students Are Saying

I have a success story that I attribute to USC's Continuing Education Program and the Green Belt Certificate Program specifically.

After spending 28 years in an industry that I had grown comfortable  in, I found myself in a competitive job market in which I was considered, paradoxically, to have outdated skills for advanced positions and overqualified for entry and mid-level positions.

Something had to change.

While searching for opportunities to gain more skills, I found the Green Belt Certificate Program at USC, which filled a gap in my skill set and afforded me the flexibility to learn on a schedule that fit my needs.

Enrollment was easy and, in just a few weeks, my classes began.

I found the coursework to be challenging and rewarding, with the instructor showing great enthusiasm for the material, while being very patient with our questions.

Upon completion of the course, I was very proud to add the Green Belt Certificate to my resume. The results were better than I expected - within 30 days of publishing my enhanced resume, I had been recruited and hired into a role that was previously inaccessible to me.

The investment I made in broadening my skill set has yielded immediate results and I wanted to share this story with you. I am a staunch advocate for your Continuing Education Program and hope to continue to learn using other opportunities that you offer.

Thank you so much for giving me a much needed boost for my career!
John Harmon

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