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Office of the Controller

Controller's Office Listservs

Keep up with what is happening in the Controller’s Office by subscribing to one or more of the listservs available. Upcoming Controller’s Office training, process updates in Finance and HCM PeopleSoft as it pertains to payroll, and other important information will be sent to you through the listserv.

Listserv Name Description
BIZMANAGER Business Manager listserv for financial communication and training information
PROJECTPI Principal Investigator listserv for communication and training as it relates to a PI’s project responsibilities
PAY-LIST Payroll listserv for USC Payroll Department updates
SUPLIAISON Keeping Supplier Liaisons informed of updates and training.


To subscribe to a listserv:

  • Send an e-mail to:
  • No subject
  • In the body of the message include the following:
    Subscribe {Listserv name and subscriber’s name}
    For example: SUBSCRIBE BIZMANAGER John Doe
  • Send the message without a signature

If the subscription is successfully sent, you will receive a message from the Listserv system informing you of your acceptance. If you have not been successful and need assistance, please contact Joanne Callahan at


To cancel your subscription to a list:

  • Send an email message to:
  • No subject
  • In the body of the message include the following:
    Unsubscribe {Listserv name}
  • Send the message without a signature

You must send this command from the account you subscribed from (otherwise it won’t recognize you as a member and won’t delete your subscription).

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