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Gamecock Gateway

Study Skills

We facilitate partnerships between peer leaders and undergraduate students who are committed to developing the tools needed to succeed.


Success Consultations

Discuss academic strategies with a Peer Consultant and co-create a plan to maximize your potential for success on topics such as:

  • Academic Success & Study Skills
  • Preparing for Exams
  • Motivation & Discipline
  • Procrastination & Prioritization

You can schedule a Success Consultation right in Bates House with one of the Gamecock Gateway Peer Consultants. Be sure to select "Bates House Success Consultation" when you login to Navigate and you will be prompted to select availability in Bates House. 


Peer Consultants

Success Consultations are held by our Gamecock Gateway Peer Consultants. These are trained undergraduate leaders who understand firsthand what it is like to be a college student. They are willing to share their personal experiences and their knowledge of campus resources to help you.

Gamecock Gateway Peer Consultants also support study lounge operations -- like free printing, scheduling tutoring appointments, campus resource referrals, and academic/social programming. 

Peer Consultant Major & Minor/Concentration Tip for College Success Personal Availability Link Keywords
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Olivia Callahan Operations and Supply Chain and Finance (major), Business Analytics (concentration)  Start using Google Calendar!! It is so helpful for keeping track of your appointments, assignments, and classes. You can download it on your phone, so it's easy to add events to your calendar on the go! Personal Availability Link tag 1, tag2
Jenna Falconite Dance (Concentration in Performance/Choreography) and Mass Communications (majors) Get in the habit of using a planner. Find the format that works best for you, whether that be a physical planner or a digital planner, and stick to it. You will feel so much more organized and less stressed, which is key for success! Personal Availability Link  
Isabel Manne Criminology and Criminal Justice (major), Social Work and English (minors), Pre-Law Be organized! You don't realize how much time you actually do or don't have until you visualize it so either use a planner or calendar (virtual or digital) and map out all your events/activities and assignments. I would also break it down week by week to not get overwhelmed.  Personal Availability Link  
Traniah Neal Psychology (major) Try to attend your professors' office hours to establish a strong rapport. This will allow you to make connections with your instructors and seek additional academic support outside of class time. Personal Availability Link  
Jakhia Sims-Peterson International Business and Accounting (majors), Business Analytics (concentration), Japanese (minor) Take breaks and divide up your work to be less overwhelmed. That way you won’t feel like studying is a grueling tasks rather just another part in understanding the material Personal Availability Link  
Katelyne Williams Cardiovascular Technology (major), Pre-Med
Plan ahead! Know when your assignments and exams are to be able to plan your schedule around you getting your work done!
Personal Availability Link  


Bates House SSC Desk Hours 

The Bates House Student Success Center Desk is located in the Bates House Study Lounge and is staffed by Peer Consultants. These student leaders can assist with general questions, offer free printing, and assist with scheduling appointments during the following times: 

  • Sunday 4pm-9pm
  • Monday 2pm-3:30pm & 4:30pm-9pm
  • Tuesday 2pm-9pm
  • Wednesday 4:30pm-9pm
  • Thursday 3pm-9pm


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Printing Services are available free of charge for Bates House residents. Residents may print up to 30 pages at one time in black/white or color. Files should be saved as a PDF on a flashdrive for printing (flashdrives are available in the Bates House SSC Office). 


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