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Gamecock Gateway

Academic and Transfer Information

After completing your first year in Gamecock Gateway you will apply to the University of South Carolina as a transfer student. The transfer process will begin in March of each year, but it will be helpful for you to keep up with your requirements throughout your Gateway year. 

Transfer Requirements

Gamecock Gateway is a one-year program extending from fall to spring in a single academic year. To transfer to UofSC Columbia, students must:

  • Earn 30 transferable credit hours at Midlands Technical College
  • Have a 2.25 GPA or higher (some UofSC programs will require a higher GPA for admission)
  • Be in good conduct and financial standing with both UofSC and MTC

Major GPA Requirements 

Some majors require higher than a 2.25 GPA for transfer admissions. We recommend checking if there is a specific GPA and/or course completion requirement for your intended major using the Transfer GPA Requirements tool.

For example:

  • Chemical Engineering majors need a 2.75 on all college-level coursework and completion of USC's MATH 141 (or its transfer equivalent) with a minimum grade of "C" 
  • Excercise Science majors need a 2.75 on all college-level coursework 

Calculating GPA 

Students can access grades and unofficial transcripts via their student account in MyMTC. If an error is suspected in the reported grades, students must notify the faculty member(s) involved within one term after the term for which the grades were issued.

Grade Point Average (GPA)—A student’s grade point average (GPA) can be calculated in the following way:

1. Assign grade points to each letter grade:

Grade Grade Points Grade Grade Points
A = 4 D = 1
B = 3 F = 0
C = 2 WF = 0

2. Credit Hours x Grade Points = Quality Points. Then find total credit hours and total quality points.

Course Credit Hours Grade Grade Points Quality Points
ECO 253 3.0 B 3 (3.0x3) 9.0
ENG 101 3.0 C 2 (3.0x2) 6.0
  6.0     15.0

3. Quality Points ÷ Credit Hours = GPA.

15.0 ÷ 6.0 = 2.5 GPA

UofSC aslo has an online calculator for use to predict your GPA.

Major Maps 

Major Maps are your way to understand what courses you will be taking in your four years of college. These major maps are not always an exact guide to when you will take courses, but are a good framework for knowing what courses and prerequisites come first. Find your intended major by selecting the year you will start coursework and searching on the Major Map Repository.

Course Equivalency 

Many courses at Midlands Technical College have different names and course numbers than those at UofSC. To undestand how courses will transfer between the institutions you can use the Course Equivalency tool. You can explore course equivalency by major and by Carolina Core.

Carolina Core 

The Carolina Core curriculum has 10 Core components, each with learning outcome and credit hour requirements. The Core begins with foundational courses early in the undergraduate experience, followed by an integrative course near the end in which selected Core learning outcomes are integrated into the chosen major.

During your Gamecock Gateway year you will take several Carolina Core requirements that may also fulfill major requirements. Explore the Carolina Core, its requirements and which courses help fulfill them.

Summer Coursework

Students who do not complete their 30 credit hour requirement, do not meet their goal GPA, and/or complete the necessary prerequisite courses for thier major will need to take summer coursework. You will work with you MTC Academic and Career Advisor to help chose which coursework you'll need to complete. You can complete this coursework at MTC or many other South Carolina schools.

You will not be considered for admissions until all requirements are met. For this reason we recommend taking summer courses in the Maymester or Summer I terms when possible. Students are responsible for requesting their final transcripts to be sent to both UofSC and MTC at the end of their summer coursework. 

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