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Student Health and Well-Being

Radiology & EKGs

You can have X-rays and EKGs performed and interpreted without leaving campus. Schedule an appointment, call 803-576-6383.


The Radiology department at Student Health is staffed by radiologic technologists who perform diagnostic X-rays and EKGs as ordered by health care providers. All studies are available for SHS providers to review as soon as they are completed and are also sent for interpretation by board certified radiologists or board certified cardiologists as applicable. Outside orders are accepted.



If you have an order from an outside provider, it must include your full name, date of birth, the exam being ordered, a diagnosis code, and the health care provider’s name, credentials, phone number, and fax number. We will ask that you bring this order with you when you present for services. 

Walk ins are welcome but scheduled appointments are preferred. Appointments can be made online via MyHealthSpace


Copies of X-rays

Patients may request copies of their X-rays at no additional cost. Images are copied to a CD that can be delivered directly to the patient or mailed at the patient’s request.


Cost and Insurance

X-rays and EKGs are not covered by the student health fee. Costs depend upon the study ordered by your health care provider and include the final interpretation. The Student Health Insurance Plan is the only in-network plan at Student Health. 

If you have questions about costs associated with these services with additional fees and would like to speak with someone before your services are performed, please contact the Radiology department at 803-576-6383.

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