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Student Health and Well-Being

Group Counseling

Find encouragement, understanding and support from others facing similar issues. Students meet in group of six to ten with one or two trained therapists.

Why Group?

Group counseling is a powerful venue for growth and change and one of the most effective tools for addressing common issues among college students. Group counseling is the most common form of counseling recommended to our students.

It's normal to be apprehensive at first, but most students find tremendous support, understanding and encouragement in their groups. 

Many first-time group members are concerned that hearing others' problems will make them feel worse. On the contrary, most members find that hearing others' struggles and successes helps them feel connected and understood.

If you'd like to sign up for group counseling, please schedule by visiting myhealthspace


Group counseling sessions are completely covered by your student health fee, paid with your tuition. 


Find Your Group

Group counseling can help you build skills to cope with stressful situations, find support with others who have similar experiences and explore themes that are important to you. You can join each of these specialized groups online through myhealthspace

You can join each of these specialized groups online through myhealthspace

This group is designed to teach the basic skills of cognitive behavior therapy and assist students with coping with symptoms of anxiety, depression, and change negative thinking that causes distress. Students can expect to increase understanding of their symptoms, identify and reduce unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, reduce distress using mindfulness and grounding techniques, and increase coping

This group teaches specific skills to deal with life’s challenges.

Do you…

  • Feel like you struggle with managing your emotions?
  • Feel like you are ineffective in your relationships?
  • Ever think about harming yourself or have suicidal thoughts?
  • Engage in any behaviors that reduce the quality of your life?

Student’s participating in this group will learn how to be fully present in the moment, effectively manage emotions, handle distress without losing control or acting destructively, and improve relationships.

This group uses principles of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy to allow students to start living life more fully.

This group will help you get a closer look at your worried mind and teach you skills to address your worry in a growth fostering way.  This group will also help you identify what is important to you and how to go about achieving your dreams while changing your perspective on anxiety.  

The goal of this group is to help you develop skills to battle procrastination, impulsivity, and bad habits.

Themes will include:

  • Self-discipline
  • Growth mindset
  • Maintaining focus
  • Accessing your motivation
  • Finding the path to success.

This group will benefit students who struggle with:

  • Unhealthy perfectionism
  • Inconsistent motivation
  • Maintaining attention
  • Poor follow-through

Train yourself to be a better and more efficient learner!

This group teaches specific skills to deal with the symptoms of social anxiety. Students participating in this group will learn how to:

  • Be fully present in the moment;
  • Overcome fears of social situations using interactive exercises in a supportive group environment
  • Develop mindfulness and acceptance skills for more effectively managing unpleasant emotions and anxious thoughts associated with social situations

This group aims to provide students with skills to manage their panic attacks. Members will learn about the strong mind-body connection during panic attacks and be taught a variety of breathing, relaxation and cognitive techniques that are helpful in treating them.


You can join each of these specialized groups online through myhealthspace

This group aims to create a safe and secure environment for women survivors of sexual abuse and/or assault. It hopes to provide support and increased coping skills for group members who may be struggling with current relationships, sexuality, self-esteem or other issues.

This group is for students who identify as trans, gender fluid, gender nonconforming, gender queer, or have a unique gender experience that may not be readily understood or supported by others. We aim to create a space where students can feel comfortable being their true selves and talk about the issues faced in all facets of daily life and transition. The group will have a supportive intent, with the knowledge that additional coping skills related to living in a biased society may be learned.

The Queer Support Group is a safe space for queer individuals to come together, build community, process difficulties, and lift each other up. Common themes addressed are: coming out, navigating family relationships, exploring religious conflict/identity, identity exploration & development, internalized homo/transphobia, and pressure from within the community. This group is a space where you can process these experiences with individuals who understand.

BlackSpace is a community-building support group for Black students at USC (undergrad, graduate/professional) to have a space to discuss their unique experiences in a supportive environment.

A safe space for those that identify as black women. A talk series designed to increase sisterhood and community on campus. 
Formerly known as Cuts & Conversations. This space is for African American Men as a community support group discussing issues related to being Black at a Predominantly White Institution and other issues African American men face in our everyday living. 


You can join each of these specialized groups online through myhealthspace

This group is a safe space for those who struggle with issues related to food. Students who have body image issues, over-exercise, obsess about food and weight loss, overeat, binge, purge or restrict food are welcome in this group.

The goal of this group is to help its members gain a deeper understanding of their struggles with food, and to help them develop new coping options and challenge old ideas. This group may not be appropriate for those who engage in excessive eating disorder behaviors.  Those interested must meet with a group facilitator for a 30-minute group screening before they can begin group.

This group is for individuals who may find it challenging to communicate their needs, doubt their self-worth, struggle with shame, and want to develop a clear sense of personal power.

Group members will not only learn about the importance of being vulnerable, rejecting shame, and leading a value driven life, but they will also be given the space to practice these concepts in creative ways and work together to meet goals.


These groups require an internal referral from a counselor.


Interpersonal process groups are focused on students who present with unhealthy or ineffective relationship patterns at the root of (or related to) their distress. 

These groups are focused on helping the members learn to communicate honestly and assertively about their feelings, needs, and thoughts and to learn to tolerate the distress/discomfort related to vulnerability and interpersonal intimacy.  

Members work on a variety of issues - like depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, low self-esteem, issues of family conflict or abuse, etc. 


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