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Student Disability Resource Center

Application Process

The student seeking accommodations should complete the application, and not a parent or guardian. Note that this process will be different than registering in high school. 

Steps for Registration

When you are asked about your disability in the application, think about the following:

  • How does the disability affect your experiences, learning, reading/writing, housing, dining, technology use, etc.?
  • What are your limitations?
  • What tools facilitate your success?

Start the application now.

Your application cannot be reviewed until the SDRC has both your completed application and qualifying documentation.  

The application process is NOT completed immediately and can take at least 2-3 weeks to complete so please begin the process as early as possible.

**Note: During high volume times such as late summer, pre-midterms, or pre-finals, etc... may result in longer processing and orientation scheduling times**

You must submit documentation that:

  • is on letterhead;
  • states a diagnosis or diagnoses;
  • is signed and dated by a current treating care provider;
  • includes your name and date of birth on all documentation;
  • is submitted in a non-editable document (no Word documents);
  • provides support for the diagnosis and how it meets the definition of a person with a disability under the ADA.

Submit your documentation through AIM after you submit your application or:

  • Email:
  • Fax: 803-777-6741
  • Ask your provider to submit the documentation directly to us
  • Deliver in-person to Close-Hipp, Suite 102 

View our documentation requirements for registering with our office. 


  • Once your application is processed, you will receive an email from your coordinator, asking you to send a few date and time options to schedule your orientation. You must complete this step to access disability services.
  • Please let your coordinator know if you would prefer an in-person or virtual registration meeting. If you do not specify, the meeting will be held virtually through Blackboard Collaborate. 


  • You must attend your registration meeting with your coordinator in order to receive accommodations. When you meet with your coordinator, they will review SDRC policies and procedures, make you aware of which accommodations you have been approved for, and help you get logged in to your AIM profile. 

You are NOT registered with our office until you attend your registration meeting. 

You do not need to re-register with our office every semester. Once you are registered, you are registered for the entirety of your academic career at USC.


All information provided to the Student Disability Resource Center is confidential. Only with the written consent of the student will information be provided to appropriate offices when information has been deemed necessary to support the individual’s educational and professional pursuits. We include the student in any conversations related to them. Specific information (including documentation) relating to the student’s disability will not be given out without written permission from the student. It is strongly recommended that all forms and documentation be returned to our office before the start of the semester in order to allow time for processing.

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