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Prepare for Online Learning


10 Tips for Navigating Online Courses


1. Create a Designated Study Space

Choose a space in your home (other than your bed) that will reduce distractions and increase time efficiency. If you need to, discuss your proposed study space with your family or friends so they understand its importance to your academic success. 

2. Be Social

You are not alone when taking courses online. Connect with other students and your professor through digital tools, such as email, video chat, and group messages to actively engage in your classes.

3. Don’t Procrastinate

Without the structure of a classroom, it is easy to forget when assignments are due and put in excess effort the day an assignment is due. Beat deadlines by planning ahead and getting work done early.

4. Create a Study Schedule

Get organized and create a schedule for your week. Outline when assignments are due with specific dates and times. Schedule particular times in your day to study and which topics you will be covering.  

5. Eliminate Distractions

Turn off your phone or put it on silent. Distractions can kill a successful study session. Give yourself quiet time to focus.

6. Break Up the Work

Make time to take regular, short breaks lasting 5-10 minutes to allow yourself to reset. It is easy to get strained when working on a task. This will keep you refreshed and help you gather your thoughts for the next assignment.

7. Ask for Help

Use resources from the university to aide in the transition to online classes, such as the Student Success Center and Blackboard Course Room. Contact your professor if you are not understanding the material or set expectations. Just because you cannot access people in person does not mean they are not available online. 

8. Take Notes

It may seem common sense but take your own study notes when listening to online lectures to retain the important pieces of information. Whether you take notes on a computer or by pen and paper, remember that note taking is a key to course success.

9. Stay Healthy

Our brains can only operate at their best when our body is healthy. Remember to stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep, eat right and get moving while studying. Balance is key for your overall happiness and you will not achieve that if you overdo it.

10. Reward Yourself

Motivate yourself with goals. If you get an A on a test or work on homework for 2 hours, give yourself a reasonable reward at the finish line.

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