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Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Chinese Minor

Updates to the Minor in Chinese Studies: In Fall 2015 the minor in Chinese Studies was updated to include a larger variety of culture courses. As of Fall 2015, Chinese 240 (Chinese Culture, Tradition, and Modern Societies) is now a required course for the minor.

Minor Requirements:

Students will take 18 credit hours, at and above the 200 level.

Chinese Language requirements:

Students will complete Chinese 240 (Chinese Culture, Tradition, and Modern Societies) and Chinese language through CHIN 322. CHIN 222, CHIN 321, and CHIN 322 will be counted for credit towards the minor.

The remaining six credit hours can be fulfilled with any of the following courses:

CHIN 335 -- Women in China. (3) Introduces the connection between gender and the Chinese national imagination Readings include cultural and historical documents that purport to explain the experience of women in China. Prerequisites: Readings in English. Taught in English

CHIN 340

CHIN 341 -- Modern Chinese Literature. (3) Readings of canonical texts from modern Chinese literature. A focus is on the role of literature and other cultural documents in the imagination of China as a modern nation. Readings and discussion in English.

CHIN 355 -- Screening China. (3) Survey of Chinese language cinema. Chinese film history and vocabulary with which to discuss film texts. Covers classic leftwing cinema, Hong Kong martial arts films, as well as the Hong Kong, Taiwan, and PRC New Waves. Taught in English. Films subtitled.

CHIN 398 -- Selected Topics. (3) Intensive study in selected authors or literary movements of China, including cultural aspects. May be repeated for credit under different suffix. Taught in English.

CPLT 303 -- Great Books of the Eastern World. {=ENGL 392} (3) Classical and contemporary poetry and prose of the Middle and Far East.

CPLT 415 -- Topics in Comparative Literary Relations. (3) Topics involving two or more national literatures. Topics to be announced in master schedule by suffix and title. (with approval)

ANTH 215 -- Chinese Popular Culture. (3)An overview of Chinese popular culture with an introduction to broad anthropological frameworks concerning popular culture.

ARTH 345 – History of Asian Art. (3) A survey of the visual arts of India, China, and Japan from prehistory to the present.

POLI 443 -- International Relations of East Asia and the Pacific. (3) Political patterns and forces in the Asia/Pacific region in recent times including the process of decolonization, regional conflicts, great power relations, and economic interdependencies.

POLI 448 -- Politics and Government of China. (3) Political institutions and processes of the People's Republic of China with secondary emphasis on the government and politics of the Republic of China on Taiwan.

RELG 220 -- Introduction to Buddhism. (3) An introduction to Buddhism from a social historical perspective that examines Buddhist religious goals and practices in the local contexts of India, Sri Lanka, Tibet, China, and Japan.

RELG 352 -- Religions of East Asia. (3) Expansion of Buddhism beyond India, development of Confucianism, Taoism, Shinto, and other national religious expressions in China and Japan.

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