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Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures


A graduate degree in a foreign language is a perfect precursor to a career teaching or conducting research abroad or in fields related to your language. We also work with the College of Education to provide an MAT in foreign languages. 

Graduate Reading Exam

The Graduate Reading Proficiency Exam is for graduate students who are majoring in other disciplines. FREN, GERM, LATN, and SPAN 615 are designed to prepare students to take the examination(s) that satisfies the basic FL graduate reading requirement. The courses are available on a pass / fail basis only.

Degree Programs

Comparative Literature (M.A. and Ph.D.) 

The graduate program in comparative literature is designed to enable students to develop competence in the study of two or more literatures. The program is staffed by an interdepartmental group of graduate professors from the departments of English, and Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. Degrees offered are the M.A. and the Ph.D. If you have an aptitude for languages and a deep interest in literary study, this program is right for you. We also strongly encourage you to spend at least one semester abroad while you're completing your degree. 

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French (M.A.)

A graduate degree in French will train you to teach and carry out research in French. Our faculty have expertise in applied linguistics, Atlantic and Caribbean studies, children's literature, cultural history, digital humanities, film studies, historical linguistics, linguistics, literary theory, sociolinguistics, theatre, translation studies, travel literature and women’s and gender studies.

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German (M.A.)

A graduate degree in German will train you to teach and carry out research in German. Our faculty have expertise in literature and culture from the Middle Ages to the present day, modern and historical linguistics, applied linguistics, literary theory, philosophy, music, film, and women’s and gender studies. Additional faculty members affiliated with the program specialize in German philosophy, music, art history, religious studies, and medieval English and medieval Scandinavian language and literature. As a graduate student, you'll have the opportunity to study and conduct dissertation research at our partner university, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg.

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Spanish (M.A. and Ph.D.)

A graduate degree in Spanish will give you the opportunity to pursue in-depth study of literatures and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. You'll work with renowned scholars to experience firsthand how new ideas are created through the research process. Our department fosters interdisciplinary growth through its strengths in cultural studies, film studies, gender studies, literary history and theory, linguistics and pedagogy, and comparative literature. The Ph.D. in Spanish studies aims to bridge both sides of the Atlantic with students pursuing original research in Hispanic studies, transatlantic studies, as well as literary and cultural studies of the Spanish-speaking world.

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The MAT program is designed for graduates of liberal arts programs who desire to fulfill undergraduate requirements for certification in the public schools and pursue graduate study in foreign languages and in education. This program is an initial certification program and is therefore only for those who do not already have a teaching certificate.

MAT Foreign Language degree is offered in French, German and Spanish. 

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