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Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Learning a second (or third, or fourth) language opens a world of possibilities. The skills you learn here will make travel easier, open doors for international careers, and help you understand the world on a deeper level. We also offer culture-based courses, taught in English and open to any student who wants to know more about different cultures around the world. 

We offer a concentration in Chinese, Classics, Francohone Studies, German, Russian, Spanish, and Comparative Literature. Our minor programs are a good choice for students majoring in international business or who want to have an international aspect to their future career. 

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Study a critical language and prepare to make a difference after graduation. 

Chinese temple


China's economy is becoming increasingly important in the world. Studying the language now will give you the edge you need for business and travel. 



Look to the past to understand the present with a degree in classics. 

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Comparative Literature

Study in one of the top-ranked comparative literature programs in the United States. Ours is an interdisciplinary program that will teach you to examine literature from a multitude of different perspectives. 

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Foreign Language Teaching Certification

Become certified as a pre-K through 12 teacher and share your love of language with the next generation. 

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Francophone Studies

Whether you're preparing a major or a minor, or simply interested in improving your French, you can choose from a broad range of dynamic, innovative courses to acquire basic and advanced skills and knowledge.

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Studying German prepares you for a career in both domestic and international business and research. 

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Our minor in Italian will immerse you in the language and culture of this beautiful country. 

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The Japanese Program offers a wide variety of culture and literature courses as well as language courses at all levels, from novice to advanced. 

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The Linguistics concentration prepares students in a chosen language and introduces students to the subfields of second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, and historical linguistics. Students learn skills applicable to a variety of career fields, such as international and intercultural awareness, data analysis, and understanding of structures, diversity, and change over time.

Two green sailboats pulled up on the shore.


Explore the beautiful Portuguese language and culture through our minor program. The minor is a great addition to any degree in Spanish, international business or teaching. 

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As an increasingly important world language, speaking Russian is a valuable skill for everyone from researchers to business owners. 

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As the unofficial second language of our country, speaking Spanish is a valuable skill to have both locally and abroad. 


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