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Department of Women’s and Gender Studies

Empowering Futures: The Inaugural South Carolina Women’s and Gender Studies Undergraduate Summer Institute

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MAY 19-23, 2024
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South Carolina Women’s and Gender Studies Undergraduate Summer Institute
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The South Carolina Women’s and Gender Studies Undergraduate Summer Institute is an amazing way for students to gain knowledge on community- centered research, streams of art, health information, and many more. This institute is the perfect opportunity for students to build professional enhancement. I had the opportunity to interview WGST’s Undergraduate Program Director, Dr. Dawn Campbell. Dr. Campbell is also a professor in the WGST Department at The University of South Carolina. I had the privilege to ask Dr. Campbell a few questions regarding the Undergraduate Summer Institute.

What is your vision for the summer institute?

  • “ Given that this will be the Inaugural Summer Institute, my vision as director is to provide undergraduate students an opportunity to explore WGST in a different My hope is students will find the sessions and activities engaging and impactful.”

What should students expect?

  • “Students should expect to be immersed in learning and sharing. The Institute will emphasize praxis, a core component and goal of WGST, and students will have opportunities for practical, hands-on knowledge building, collaboration, and ”

Why should students sign up?

  • “ The Institute is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to connect with other students, meet WGST faculty, community members, and attend and participate in engaging sessions and activities.”

The Undergraduate Summer Institute is a great opportunity for students to engage in influential knowledge. Students will also be able to make connections, and use their knowledge for their future endeavors. Dr. Campbell and many other professors are excited to connect with students at this institute. This is a great learning experience, and this department is very excited to welcome the students to this event.

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