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Department of Women’s and Gender Studies

The Dr. Lynn Weber Endowed Scholarship has met its goal of $25,000 for endowment!

We continue to mourn the loss of former WGST director Dr. Lynn Weber. Her time as director shaped the intersectional and community engagement aspects of the program, which remain central to its mission.

Donations to the Dr. Lynn Weber Endowed Scholarship can be made online.

Donate today! 

A special thank you to the following donors who made this endowment possible: 
  • Dr. Beverly Harris-Schenz
  • Dr. Bonnie Dill and Dr. Jack Shuler
  • Dr. Bret R. Kloos and Dr. Suzanne C. Swan
  • Dr. Brian D. Haney and Dr. Elizabeth T. Haney
  • Dr. Craig A. Kridel and Ms. Mary R. Bull
  • Dr. Deborah M. Parra-Medina
  • Dr. Diane and the Reverend Russell Bohner
  • Dr. Hayes D. Hampton and Dr. Lisa Hammond
  • Dr. Heather Dillaway
  • Dr. Langdon S. Warner and Dr. Susan L. Cutter
  • Dr. Lori Peek
  • Dr. Margo Fitzpatrick
  • Dr. Mary Romero
  • Dr. Melissa C. Johnson
  • Dr. Nancy E. Lane
  • Dr. Natalie H. Kaufman
  • Dr. Richard J. Creswick and Ms. Victoria L. Eslinger
  • Dr. Robert D. Newman and Dr. Vicky W. Newman
  • Dr. Staci L. Stone
  • Dr. Stephen McNamee
  • Dr. W. Edwin Sharp and Dr. Marcia G. Synnott
  • Mr. Adam C. Weber
  • Mr. and Mrs. David M. Choate
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Sullivan
  • Mr. Edward S. Ryan
  • Mr. Elielson d. Messias and Dr. Deanne K. Messias
  • Mr. Gregory J. Glover
  • Mr. Gregory S. Motley and Mrs. Mary M. Ogden
  • Mr. Jean-Mary E. Mille and Dr. Katherine W. Mille
  • Mr. Jeffry C. Caswell and Mr. Jose Cotto
  • Mr. Larry D. Belt
  • Mr. Larry Hembree
  • Mr. Leslie E. Wilson and Dr. Sarah Boyd
  • Mr. Mark W. Binkley and Dr. Laura R. Woliver
  • Mr. Michael Bohner
  • Mr. Samuel C. Waters and Dr. Mary Baskin Waters
  • Mr. Timothy H. Easter and Dr. Ed Madden
  • Mrs. Bonnie G. Foster
  • Mrs. Jemme B. Stewart
  • Mrs. Keller H. Barron
  • Mrs. Mary L. Littlejohn-Garber
  • Ms. Anna S. Pruitt
  • Ms. Cheri Astolfi
  • Ms. Christine Bohner
  • Ms. Elise Lindsey Loftus
  • Ms. Holly R. Day
  • Ms. Isabelle Bohner
  • Ms. Jayne G. Darke
  • Ms. Jean Bohner
  • Ms. Kathleen Yudiskas
  • Ms. Kathy Wolfenden
  • Ms. Rebecca M. Pauly
  • Ms. Terri R. Ridgell and Ms. Marla Wood
  • The Honorable Barbara J. Wofford-Kanwat and Dr. Chandra P. Kanwat

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