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09/07/20: Evan's review published in BBA-MCR

Check out Evan and Caryn's review published in Biochimica Biophysica Acta - Molecular Cell Research with the latest info about CGFS glutaredoxins and BolA proteins in iron metabolism.

Debo baby

08/22/20: Debolina welcomes a baby girl

Congratulations to Debolina on the birth of her baby girl Prenitha!

David Eap

06/18/20: David joins the group

We have another great addition to the group - David Eap! David just completed his first year in the Integrated Biomedical Science graduate program.


04/24/20: Jade receives Magellan Scholar research grant

Congratulations to our undergraduate researcher Jade Ikahihifo-Bender for receiving a Magellan Scholar research grant for the 2020-2021 school year.


03/29/20: Malini's review published in COCB

Congratulations to Malini and Caryn whose review on fungal iron regulation was published in Current Opinion in Chemical Biology.


03/17/20:  C. Outten lab closed due to COVID-19 pandemic

The C. Outten lab is temporarily closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are trying to be productive at home teaching on-line, reading, and writing papers.


02/11/20: Allison joins the group

The C. Outten lab is excited to welcome Allison Kimsey to our group!  She is a 1st year Ph.D. graduate student in the Integrated Biomedical Science program.


02/10/20: Caryn receives GSSM Distinguished Research Leadership Award

Caryn was recently honored with the 2020 Distinguished Research Leadership Award from the SC Governor's School for Science and Mathematics. Every summer we are delighted to host GSSM high school students in our lab!

Malini's defense

01/08/20:  Malini defends her PhD dissertation

Congratulations to Malini for successfully defending her PhD dissertation! She will start a postdoctoral position at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in February 2020.

Debolina wedding

12/11/19: Debolina gets married

Congratulations to Debolina on her marriage to Kaushik in West Bengal, India! More photos to come.


11/26/19: Caryn is elected to the rank of AAAS Fellow

Congratulations to Caryn for her election as a Fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science!


09/08/19: Haoran's Aft2 paper published in special JBIC issue

Congratulations to Haoran for the publication of his latest paper in the Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry! This paper is part of a special JBIC issue to celebrate our friend Joan Broderick (Montana State) for receiving the 2019 ACS Alfred Bader Award.

Thu My

08/19/19:  Thu My starts her 6-week research internship in the lab

The Outten lab welcomes Thu My Doan from the Johanna Wittum Schule in Germany for a research internship through the SC Governor's School for Science and Math.

Debolina and Abby

07/19/19: Abby and Krishna present their summer research projects

Krishna and Abby completed their summer research projects and presented their findings at the SPRI Poster Session.

GRC lunch

07/14/19: Caryn attends the Cell Biology of Metals Gordon Research Conference

Caryn presented her research and served as Vice Chair at the Cell Biology of Metals Gordon Research Conference in Castelldefels, Spain.  Check out photos from the trip!

SPRI students 2019

06/10/19:   Krishna and Abby join the lab for the summer

Welcome to our summer research students Krishna and Abby!  They are rising seniors from the SC Governor's School for Science and Math participating in the Summer Program for Research Interns.

Crystal grd

05/11/19: Graduation Day for Crystal, William, and Sara

Congratulations to our newly minted Ph.D. recipient Crystal and to our graduating seniors William and Sara!


05/01/19: Caryn receives Mungo Undergraduate Teaching Award

Congratulations to Caryn for winning the Michael J. Mungo Undergraduate Teaching Award!


04/26/19: Jade receives 2nd place in Discover USC 2019 poster competition

Congratulations to Jade for winning 2nd place in the undergraduate Chemistry, Physics, and Math poster session at Discover USC 2019!


04/26/19: Angela receives 1st place poster award at Discover USC 2019

Congratulations to Angela for winning 1st place in the postdoctoral scholar poster session at Discover USC 2019 (2nd year in a row)!

ASBMB group

04/04/19: Outten group attends ASBMB meeting

Malini, TT, and Debolina each presented posters and Angela gave a flash talk, a spotlight talk, and a poster at the 2019 ASBMB annual meeting in Orlando, FL. Check out their photos!


02/28/19: Angela selected to give flash talk at ASBMB meeting

Congratulations to Angela for being one of 10 students/postdocs selected by the ASBMB Science Outreach and Communication Committee to give a "Flash Talk" at the 2019 Annual Meeting in April.

Crystal defense

02/12/19: Crystal defends Ph.D. dissertation

Congratulations to Crystal for successfully defending her Ph.D. dissertation! 


01/17/19:  Angela and Malini receive travel awards from ASBMB

Congratulations to Angela and Malini for receiving graduate/postdoctoral travel awards from ASBMB ($1000 each!) to attend the 2019 Annual Meeting in April.


11/03/18: Outten group attends SERMACS

The Outten group was well represented at SERMACS 2018 in Augusta, GA where Malini, TT, Evan and Kylie presented posters and Sara and Angela gave oral presentations.

Jerrod mcGee

08/28/18: Crystal welcomes baby Jerrod

Congratulations to Crystal and her husband Jerrod on the birth of their beautiful baby boy Jerrod Kentrell McGee, Jr!


08/15/18: German exchange student Larissa joins the lab

Welcome to Larissa Cartano from the Johanna Wittum Schule in Pforzheim, Germany!  She will work in our lab for 5 weeks as a visiting Research Experience Scholar sponsored by the SC Governor's School for Science and Mathematics. 

Angela award

06/02/18: Angela wins Best Poster Award at 39th Annual Steenbock Symposium

Angela wins again!  Congrats to her for receiving a Helmut Beinert Best Poster Award at the 39th Annual Steenbock Symposium on Iron-Sulfur Proteins--Biogenesis, Regulation and Function.

Avram & Courtney

05/12/18: Avram and Courtney graduate with B.S. in Biochemistry

Congratulations to Avram and Courtney on their graduation from USC. We wish them the best of luck in the future!


04/25/18: Courtney chosen for ACS undergrad award

Congratulations to Courtney for winning the American Chemical Society South Carolina Section Outstanding Undergraduate Senior Award!

Angela Discover USC

04/20/18: Angela wins 1st place in USC poster competition

Congratulations to Angela for winning 1st place in the Postdoctoral Scholar Poster Competition at Discover USC 2018!

Sara Discover USC

04/20/18: Sara wins 2nd place in USC poster competition

Congratulations to Sara for winning 2nd place in the Undergraduate Poster Competition at Discover USC 2018!

Caryn Outten

01/01/18:  Caryn promoted to Professor

Congratulations to Caryn for her promotion to full professor.


10/05/17: Debolina joins the group

Welcome to Debolina Hati, our newest graduate student!  Debolina is currently a first year student in the department and will work on iron homeostasis mechanisms in our lab.

iron bank

09/23/17: Caryn's commentary published in JBC

As an editor for the Journal of Biological Chemistry, Caryn recently wrote a commentary on an article outlining the crosstalk between iron regulation and iron-sulfur assembly pathways in human cells.


09/21/17: German exchange student Denis finishes his work in the lab

Farewell to Denis Ulsamer from the Johanna Wittum Schule in Pforzheim, Germany.  We enjoyed having him work in our lab for the past 6 weeks as part of a Research Exchange program with the SC Governor's School for Science and Math.  We wish him well in the future!


09/18/17: Max coauthors paper in Molecular Cell

Congratulations to Max for contributing to a recent study published in Molecular Cell on ER glutathione transport.


07/12/17: Adrienne's Php4 paper accepted in Metallomics

Congratulations to Adrienne on acceptance of her latest paper in Metallomics on the interaction between S. pombe Php4 and Grx4.


06/05/17: GSSM students start summer research

We welcomed three rising high school seniors (Brady, Suzanne, & Marie) from the SC Governor's School for Science & Mathematics who will be working in our lab this summer.


06/04/17: Evan welcomes Lilian to her family

Congratulations to Evan on the birth of her beautiful daughter Lilian!


04/28/17: Courtney awarded senior year scholarship

Congratulations to Courtney for winning the Victor Laurie Senior Year Scholarship from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry!

Caroline Poster

04/21/17: Caroline wins Best Poster Award at 2017 Discover USC

Congratulations to Caroline for winning the Best Poster Award at 2017 Discover USC for her undergraduate research project in our lab!

William Rivers

03/31/17: William awarded DAAD RISE summer internship

Congratulations to William for being awarded a DAAD RISE research internship this summer in Germany! He will be working in the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich on mitochondrial protein import.


02/02/17: Kirsten starts a new job at Nephron

Kirsten received her M.S. degree in December 2016 and just landed a job at Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation. Congrats Kirsten and good luck with everything!


01/30/17: Caroline presents poster at SURC

Caroline did a great job presenting her poster at the SURC conference this weekend!


11/19/16: Adrienne's paper accepted in Biochemistry

Congratulations to Angela and former students Adrienne and Haoran for their recent publication in Biochemistry on the E. coli IbaG-Grx4 complex.


09/01/16: Sam coauthor on Biochemistry paper

Congratulations to former student Sam for her coauthorship on a recent publication in Biochemistry by the Atkins group.

Caryn Outten

08/22/16: Caryn receives Garnet Apple Award

Congratulations to Caryn for receiving one of the inaugural Garnet Apple Awards for Teaching Innovation!

John Hepburn

08/01/16:  John graduates and starts his new job

Congratulations to John for completing his M.S. thesis in August 2016 and starting his new position as a QA Chemist for EMS Chemie North America in Sumter, SC.  We will miss him!


07/31/16: TT and Malini get married

Congratulations to TT and Malini who were married in a 3-day ceremony in India this summer!

Crystal Conaway

07/01/16: Crystal Receives Travel Grants

Congratulations to Crystal Conaway McGee for receiving a travel grant from the USC Graduate School as well as our department to present a poster and talk at the Thiol-Based Redox Regulation and Signaling Gordon Conference and Gordon Research Seminar in August 2016.

SPRI students

06/06/16: Welcome to Our Summer Research Students

We have three high school students working in the lab as research interns this summer: Wesley Leaphart and Harrison Howell from the SC Governor's School for Science and Mathematics, and Si Been Kim from Gyeonggi Science High School for the Gifted in Seoul, South Korea.


05/10/16: Caryn Awarded a 5-Year MIRA Grant

Congratulations to the C. Outten Research Group for receiving a MIRA (Maximizing Investigators' Research Award) from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) totaling $2,133,840.  We are all set on funding for another 5 years!


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