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College of Nursing Health Requirements

To protect the health of all University of South Carolina community members and the patients you serve, the university and our clinical partners require DNP, MSN, and Certificate graduate students to fulfill certain health requirements. College of Nursing graduate students are expected to submit their health requirement records to Viewpoint Screening during their first semester of enrollment. 


The College of Nursing has contracted with Viewpoint Screening for the collection and processing of all health requirement documentation, background checks and drug testing. Students must be cleared by the college via Viewpoint Screening before the stated deadline to continue enrollment privileges.

Graduate students are required to maintain a compliant Viewpoint Screening account throughout their entire program enrollment.  If individual requirements expire during the term, you must upload the renewal documentation by the renewal deadline to avoid administrative removal from classes. Administrative removal could result in a financial loss to the student.

Students must adhere to all site requirements and are responsible for costs of additional immunizations, renewed background checks and/or drug tests, as required by the clinical agency where the clinical learning will take place. These must be completed by the site's deadline. Failure to comply with a clinical health agency's specific requirements is cause for a student to be deemed ineligible to participate in clinical learning at the site. 


The requirements for incoming DNP, MSN and Certificate students are due by the dates listed in the table below and must be completed before registration for the next semester.

Admit Term
Purchase Account 
Due Date


On or after November 15

April 1


On or after April 15

August 1


On or after August 15

November 1

Health Requirements Overview

Below are different health requirements required of all DNP, MSN, and Certificate students. Waivers can be completed by a health care provider only in certain cases. Please read the descriptions below carefully. Proof of immunization cannot be submitted in place of required titers.

Requirements are subject to change, based on the needs of our clinical health partners. Please consult the Graduate Student Handbook for additional details.

Required Titers and Immunizations

A positive IgG (not IgM) antibody titer (lab report required) indicates immunity.  If a titer is negative or equivocal, the negative or equivocal titer result must be accompanied by a booster injection.  An additional titer is not required after a booster injection.   

A positive IgG (not IgM) antibody titer (lab report required) indicates immunity.  If a titer is negative or equivocal, the negative or equivocal titer result must be accompanied by a booster injection. 

A positive surface antibody titer (lab report required) is required.  A positive titer indicates immunity.  

If a titer is negative or equivocal, Hepatitis B vaccines and a 2nd titer are required.  

Full immunization consists of a two or three Hepatitis B vaccination series followed by a 2nd titer given 1-2 months after the final vaccination.  

Students must begin the vaccination series prior to clinical course registration.  Evidence of a positive titer must be provided prior to next semester's course registration.   

If the post-vaccination titer is negative or equivocal, then one will be considered as a non-responder, not expected to convert and documented as not immune to the Hepatitis B virus.

One of the following is required and must be updated annually.

  • Negative two-step PPD skin test (Mantoux) administered 1-3 weeks apart within the past 12 months OR 
  • Negative two-step skin test administered 1-3 weeks apart and all subsequent 1 step skin tests with the most recent 1 step test being administered within the past 12 months OR 
  • Negative QuantiFERON Gold Blood Test administered within the past 12 months OR
  • Negative T-Spot Blood Test administered within the past 12 months.

If the result is positive, a clear chest x-ray report must be submitted following the last positive test result, administered within the past 12 months along with a physician clearance documented on letterhead.  

Documentation of a flu shot administered during the current flu season OR a declination waiver, which must be completed on a school form. 

Documentation of Tdap administered within the past 10 years. 

Required Drug Test and Background Checks

Required upon matriculation.

12-panel urinalysis drug screen to be administered. (9 panel + MDMA + Oxy Test includes: amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, barbiturates, benzodiazepine, methamphetamine, methadone, opiates, oxycodone, phencyclidine, propoxyphene, MDMA.)

Important Note:  A negative dilute result will not be accepted. Student will be required to pay for an additional drug screen.

Additional drug screenings will be required after return to program following a leave of absence, or if requested by the College of Nursing, or a clinical agency.

The cost of all drug screenings are the responsibility of the student. Drug screening must be completed via lab designated by Viewpoint Screening.

Required upon matriculation.

A seven-year background check is conducted unless the background check indicates further investigation is needed to confirm a clean check, which means the background check may go back further in years. This will incur an additional expense to the student as well as any check of any other registry or records required by law, accrediting agency or specific agency.  

The following will be searched:  seven-year County Criminal Search, National Sex Offender Registry, Nationwide Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Scan (FACIS level 3), U.S. Patriot Act Search, Residence History and Social Security Alert.  

Additional background checks will be required after return to program following a leave of absence; or if requested by the College of Nursing or a clinical agency. 

The cost of additional background checks are the responsibility of the student.

Additional Requirements

Must be renewed by the expiration date on the card.

Must be the American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) course OR American Red Cross BLS/CPR for Healthcare course OR Military Training Network Healthcare Provider. Submit copy of front and back of signed card.

A letter from the provider will be accepted and temporarily approved for 30 days by which time the permanent CPR card must be submitted. 

Must be renewed by expiration date on the card.

Must be the American Heart Association Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) course OR American Red Cross Advanced Life Support (ALS) CPR OR Military Training Network Healthcare Provider.

We will not accept any credentials from a 100% online training course or any training center aside from those listed above.

Submit a copy of the front and back of the signed CPR card or a copy of your e-card. 

An official letter from the CPR provider or instructor stating successful completion of the course will be accepted and temporarily approved from 30 days by which time the permanent CPR card must be submitted. 

eLearning modules must be renewed annually.

All students must document their knowledge of protection against bloodborne disease annually. Submit completed, printed certificate form with name and date visible on certificate.  

All students are required to read the Graduate Student Handbook annually.  

Students must sign and upload a Handbook Acknowledgment form to Viewpoint Screening.

Submit signed Academic Bulletin(s) and Code of Conduct Acknowledgment upon matriculation.

Submit signed Authorization for Release of Records and Information and Participant Clinical Education Experience Agreement upon matriculation.

All graduate students must purchase a name badge. The student name badges are to be worn for clinical and immersion experiences, including indirect clinical hours, and as authorized by the College of Nursing.

Photo ID and name badges are required for all clinical activities and are to be ordered upon admission. The first and last legal name is required on the name badge along with the identification “USC Graduate Student.”

Other unique identifying tags may be required per clinical site.

A photocopy of the student’s name badge must be uploaded into Viewpoint Screening.

To place an order, visit the University of South Carolina University Bookstore.

Upon matriculation, all College of Nursing graduate students must have a SC Registered Nurse unencumbered licensure or be eligible for a SC unencumbered licensure when admitted

Students must maintain current unencumbered licensure throughout the program. Students must notify the College of Nursing immediately if the RN license becomes encumbered, or if there is an order against it.

Students must have a current RN licensure for the state in which precepted clinical experiences occur. The university must have state authorization for the student to engage in clinical in that state.

Unencumbered SC licensure is required if the precepted clinical experience occurs in SC unless licensed in a Compact state.

Submit current unencumbered SC RN or NP licensure or compact RN licensure and/or current encumbered license from state in which clinical is facilitated. 

Viewpoint Screening

Go to to place an order. Use your USC email address and USC ID when placing your order.

During order placement, you will be asked for personal identifying information needed for security or compliance purposes. Supplying accurate and comprehensive information is important to the completion of your order. 

The cost of a new package is $120.00*. The package includes a background check, drug screening, health portal and eLearning modules.

Students are responsible for the cost of immunizations, lab work, and repeat or additional testing and screenings.

*Prices are subject to change.

For issues with package ordering, documentation submissions, etc., please contact Viewpoint Screening using the "Click to Chat" feature, email, or call (888) 974-8111. 

Q: Why do I need to submit health requirements to Viewpoint Screening? Can't you check my health records through the University Health Center?

A:  It may seem redundant, but due to HIPAA regulations, we must use different systems. University Health Services and the College of Nursing cannot share your information with each other. 

Q: My health care provider doesn't recommend a specific immunization for me due to health concerns, what should I do?

A: Contact your program advisor to request a waiver form. Please note you may not be eligible to enter a clinical learning environment if you are not fully immunized. Our clinical partners will make the final eligibility determination.


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