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Celebrating our College of Nursing Military

We salute our College of Nursing military students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country. We spoke to current, retired, and future military to learn about their experiences and celebrate their leadership. 

Kate Jones, Director, MSN Nursing Administration Program
Former Army Nurse Corps 

What advice would you give to nursing ROTC students?

Take advantage of every opportunity. The leadership skills that you develop in ROTC will be very beneficial in your nursing career – you’ll stand out from the crowd!  When you are in uniform, be purposeful in planning your career steps. When you are on active duty, make the most of every duty station – whether your assignment is your first choice or your last, immerse yourself in the local culture. This helps you grow as a person and makes you a better nurse.   

Megan George, '12 BSN 
United States Air Force  

What is the most rewarding part of being a military nurse?

The most rewarding part of my job is taking care of a patient population who has sacrificed so much for our country and being able to give back to them. I love taking care of our retirees and hearing their stories of their time in service while providing medical care to them and being able to get them to a place of healing.

Cassidy Dickey, BSN junior
ROTC student

What skills have you learned through ROTC?

Being in ROTC has taught me the importance of commitment, hard work, and patience, all of which are qualities that will help me be successful in my career as a nurse. 

Kim Glenn, Faculty Emerita, ‘86 MSN 
Former Army Nurse Corps

What path did you take to become a military nurse?

When I was in college in the 1970's, the branches of service had student nurse programs to increase their number of nurses. I was lucky to be a part of the Army's Student Nurse program. They paid for my last two years of college in exchange for a five year commitment of service. I am proud to say I served in the Army!

Cheryl Nelson, Executive Director of Student Affairs
Former Army

What is a valuable lesson the Army taught you?

I have perseverance.  I think it would be fair to say that before I joined the Army, I didn’t really know my limits. I learned that even when I’m tired or in pain, I have the capacity to push a little harder. I learned to be strong and resilient. 

Nathan Aranas, '09 BSN 
Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy

What was is the most rewarding part of being a military nurse? 

Military Nursing forces you to broaden your scope of practice EARLY in your career, and gain worldly experiences not typically offered in a private sector job. For example, one year post-graduation I found myself in the desert on deployment. I get to say I've saved lives on the high seas, in Cuba, Kuwait, Italy, Chicago and DC!

Leah Krompecher, BSN junior
ROTC student

What skills have you learned through ROTC?

Being in ROTC has taught me discipline and how to work well under pressure, which I believe will help me as a future nurse.


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