Thrive@Carolina with Student Health Services

Important information, resources for you to thrive this school year

Student success goes beyond just getting A's in the classroom. True success includes thriving in the classroom, in personal and professional relationships, and in physical and mental well being. Here are some of the resources and information Student Health Services offers to help you find success.

24/7 support line 

Get the help you need at any time by calling 833-664-2854. Counselor support is available to students on or off campus anywhere in the U.S. 

Telehealth and face-to-face counseling

Free therapy sessions are available at any time, from anywhere, including internationally. No insurance is necessary. Call 833-664-2854 for counselor support. 

Wellness hub

Find articles and videos on mental health and wellness topics such as mental and emotional health, fitness and nutrition, academic performance and stress management, healthy relationships and more. Visit the wellness hub website or download CampusWell in any app store and select University of South Carolina. 


Faculty and staff can find one-on-one personal assistance to help students access mental health providers or specialty providers, housing and food support, and other services that support academic success. 

Find additional support by calling Counseling and Psychiatry at 803-777-5223 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.