New Greene Street bridge opening; changes imminent to area street crossings

On Wednesday, Dec. 7, the new Greene Street bridge over the railroad tracks near the Colonial Life Arena will open for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. This bridge was designed to extend the roadway, bike lanes, sidewalks and landscaping improvements that make Greene Street a vibrant and safe corridor for the city and university community.  

Through a long-standing agreement between the city and the railroad, the opening of the new bridge will enable the railroad to close two existing crossings, preventing both pedestrians and vehicles from crossing the railroad tracks. The first crossing to be closed is at Devine Street near the Palmetto Compress building. Pedestrians and vehicles who have historically crossed the tracks at Devine Street should travel one block north to cross using the new, safer bridge at Greene Street. The second closure is at Gadsden Street behind the Greek Village. Students, faculty and staff living in the Olympia Village district traveling to and from campus as pedestrians can most conveniently cross the tracks one block east at Lincoln Street, or if driving, use Huger, Blossom and Greene Streets in addition to Lincoln Street to access campus.

The opening of the new Greene Street bridge and the two roadway closures will affect traffic patterns in the area as commuters adjust to the changes. Additional guidance for December commencement traffic and parking will be sent soon. 

Members of the university community should always follow posted signage near railroad tracks and be mindful that crossing at undesignated areas can be hazardous.  

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