Human Resources announces Cocky Card program

The Division of Human Resources announced a new employee appreciation and recognition program: Cocky Cards.

Cocky Cards are USC branded e-cards employees can send to fellow Gamecocks and co-workers to celebrate a birthday, say thanks or show your appreciation.

All cards feature Cocky, and there are five cards employees can send:

  • I appreciate you
  • Congratulations
  • You are truly amazing
  • Happy Birthday
  • Thank you

How to send a Cocky Card

Go to the Cocky Cards section of the Human Resources website and click on the card you want to send.

That will take you to a form where you’ll be able to fill out the required fields and add a message for the recipient. The Cocky Card will automatically send to the recipient.

The launch comes at the end of South Carolina Public Servant Recognition Week and ahead of the inaugural USC Staff Appreciation Day.

“Employees are at the center of the university’s success, and in the rush of our daily lives, we sometimes forget to express our thanks and show our gratitude to our colleagues,” says Caroline Agardy, vice president for Human Resources. “The simplest yet a most powerful way to recognize a colleague’s efforts is to send a Cocky Card.”