Campus Conversation: Joseph Boyd

“I began dancing in elementary in school. It was after our dance elective when two girls walked into the studio space and began to put on tap shoes. I randomly asked our teacher if she could teach me how to tap dance. Soon after asking that question she polled the whole class to see who would be interested in an after-school dance program. Soon after, an after-school dance program was started and I have been dancing ever since. I joined dance company here at the university because it was a way for me to gain further dance experience. The company here is run just like any dance company. There’s an audition, casting, weeks of rehearsal and a week of shows. For me, I needed to know what that professional experience was like to prep me for my career in dance. Dance company has definitely shaped me into a more well rounded student. I must say that going into rehearsals everyday has given me more discipline and taught me to truly be dedicated the task at hand within that specific moment. What one can expect from the spring concert is passion, community and a show that leaves you thinking about life and the human condition."

- Joseph Boyd, junior dance education major

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