Campus Conversation: Abby Gerwit

"It was really upsetting having to have to come home from Italy so soon because I was only there for a month of my study abroad experience. Along with everyone else, I’m taking classes at my university abroad remotely. The thing I miss most about being abroad is being able to travel all over Europe. Every weekend was a new adventure. Since being home, I’ve honestly just been catching up on some Netflix and working on my classes. My friend Michaela Lopez had the idea to start an iMessage Game Olympics group message, so she put about 15 people into a group message, made a bracket, and each round we played a different iMessage game. Whoever won would continue on, and the loser would be put into a losers bracket. It was a lot of fun, and i think we are going to try and start a new bracket every couple of days to help give us all some entertainment!"

- Abby Gerwit, junior visual communications major

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