Campus Conversation: Christine Lufty

"Inspiration for each mural comes from different places or objects, because each mural is unique in its own way. However, I find I get a lot of inspiration from the beach or by the sea. I used to live by the ocean for a few years, and that's when I picked up a paint brush. I fell in love with it and started painting for friends on my block. The beach and ocean have a special place in my heart where I can always find peace. Murals are my favorite artistic creation to make so when I can make a funky, whimsical and eye-capturing piece for a community, my heart is full.

Public art makes a HUGE impact for communities. It provides tourism, a sense of community and helps local businesses. People love it; I mean, how can you not? Whether it's a sculpture, statue or mural, public art is what makes a town a city and a group a community. Public art plays a distinguishing role in enhancing community, adding uniqueness, breaking the trend of blandness and it adds to the cultural society."

Christine Lufty

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