Campus Conversation: Hannah White

"Due to the pandemic, I knew that Student Government (SG) would have to become creative with programming and initiatives. I thought an SG podcast would be a great way to collaborate with student organizations and connect students with influential figures at the university. I love to hear different individuals' testimonies and stories. Being the student body vice president gave me a reason to start and host a podcast in order to amplify student’s voices and experiences. During this difficult time, I wanted to do as much as possible in order to help students be successful throughout the year. Knowing that there were many opportunities to raise money for causes that benefit students, I decided to use 1801 Live as a platform to inspire people to listen to testimonies of fellow Gamecocks and encourage people to help others in the Carolina community. The goal of the recent 'podcastathon' was to raise money for the One Creed One Carolina campaign. Throughout the 12 hour 'podcastathon,' I wanted to highlight the Black excellence and rich history that is tied to the university. We discussed many topics and overall told a story on the importance of amplifying programs that support Black students. That day we raised $10,230 dollars."

Hannah White, student body vice president

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