Campus Conversation: Aliyah Abrams

"An opportunity presented itself for me to get involved with the SAFE testing initiative. I knew I wanted to help with this process so I took the necessary steps to become a part of the team. SAFE testing has provided many Carolina students and faculty members with a fast and easily accessible way to get tested. This has helped the campus with preventative measures and is a way to stop the spread of COVID-19. Gamecocks have set the bar high for on campus testing. Students should get tested regularly because COVID-19 is highly contagious and airborne. Since all students are back on campus and interacting with one another it is crucial that they continue to update their status and make sure they are not possibly spreading COVID-19 to their peers. Student should know that this COVID-19 testing process is very simple. Students should not consume food or beverages 30 minutes prior to taking the test. The workers here at the testing site will walk you through every step to ensure that you complete the online process correctly. After that, students just have to provide 5 ml of saliva and turn in their test tube. Testing of the saliva samples is done right on campus in the Coker Life Science building, so results should be returned within a 48-hour time frame. Testing is now incentivized, so come down and see what we have to offer!"

Aliyah Abrams, second year grad student, master's in public health in physical activity and public health

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