Campus Conversation: Grace Lady

"I first participated in Dance Marathon my freshman year as one of my sorority’s team captains. I fell in love at my first Main Event in 2018! The biggest obstacle of this past year has been (no surprise) COVID-19. Event planning in a pandemic is no easy thing, and we rely on events really heavily in order to create community and connection within our organization. That being said, I could not be more excited or proud to be putting on Main Event on Feb. 27

I envision DM being bright and full of life for as many students as possible in the future. In the last couple of years, I think we have begun to move into a new chapter of the organization that is especially focused on togetherness and being a welcoming community for students that want to do good and not 'just fundraising.' I will definitely be taking a lot of skills from my four years of Dance Marathon into grad school with me — from how to work with a team to project management to effective communication. After I earn my master's, I hope to continue research in the field of educational psychology and most likely earn my doctorate to go into teaching and research full-time."

-Grace Lady, senior and Dance Marathon president

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